The Faculty Fellows Program

The Faculty Fellows program is a transformative semester-long experience for faculty seeking to integrate service learning into their courses. Through monthly seminars on campus and at nonprofit agencies, participants explore the origins of service learning, pedagogical best practices, and the potential for combining service learning and research.


Collegiality is a key aspect of the Faculty Fellows experience. Faculty members meet in small groups to nurture their community service and expand their knowledge within a mentoring environment. These interactions foster sustainable partnerships, supportive networks, and opportunities for collaborative, community-based research and scholarship.


Join the Faculty Fellows program to embark on a rewarding journey of personal and professional growth while making a lasting impact through service learning.


Service Learning Faculty Fellows

  • Liwei Zhang, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

  • Letora Anderson, Landscape Architecture

  • Zaid Ghaleb ALfayez, Civil Engineering

  • Abeer Omar Almughrabi, Civil Engineering

  • Bonnie Bost Laster, Psychology

  • Geoff Campbell, Communication

  • Emily Nwakpuda, Public Affairs & Planning

  • Benjamin Wagley, Art & Art History

  • Vinayak Kayushu, Civil Engineering

  • Kelli Rogers, Social Work


  • Maxine Adegbola, Nursing

  •  Kimberly Carraway, Political Science

  •  Sonja Ezell, Early Childhood - 6th Grade

  •  Sophia Fantus, Social Work

  •  Jason Hogue, English

  •  Erick Jones, Jr., Industrial Materials Science Engineering

  •  Bryan Maldonado, New Student Courses

  •  Cheryl Mitchell, Museum Studies

  •  Correy Retzloff, Management, Goolsby Leadership Academy


  • Mari TietzeNursing/Informatics

  • Rosa TellezModern Languages

  • Lauren BrewerMarketing

  • Monica de la Fuentes, Modern Languages

  • Andy Milson, History

  • Josh Wilson, Art & Art History

  • Eli Shupe, Philosophy

  • Tim Ponce, English

  • Fernando Melero-García, Modern Languages

  • Melissa Walsh, Biology

  • Julia Lindgren, Architecture

  • Mia Kirby, Social Work

  • Jamar Jones, Music

  • Chyng-yang Jang, Communication

  • Aida Allen, Mathematics

  • Barbara Berthold, Modern Languages

  • Godfred Boateng, Kinesiology/Public Health

  • Dianna Jones, Social Work

  • Lauren Krznarich, Division of Student Success

  • Tiffany Kindratt, Kinesiology/Public Health

  • Grace Brannon, Communication

  • Shawn Gieser, Computer Engineering

  • Dennis Chiessa, Architecture

  • Kathleen Smits, Civil Engineering

  • Saltanat Childress, Social Work

  • Laura Phipps, Kinesiology/Public Health

  • Jiwon Suh, Public Affairs

  • Nali Kim, Linguistics & TESOL

  • Shanna Banda, Mathematics

  • LeeAnn Burke, UTeach

  • Steven Gellman, Science

  • Brandie Green, Kinesiology/Public Health

  • Danielle Klein, Division of Student Success

  • Cheryl Donaldson, Architecture

  • Stephanie Cole, History

  • Joyce Myers, Education

  • Tracy Orwig, Social Work

  • Kyrah Brown, Public Health

  • Jaime Cantu, Industrial Materials Science Engineering

  • Ly-Huong Barrett, Social Work

  • Beverly George, Business Management

  • Zerita Hall, Criminology & Criminal Justice

  • Justyn Jaworski, Bioengineering

  • Alice Lubbe, Mathematics

  • Atefe Makhmalbaf, Architecture

  • Subhra Mandal, Chemistry & Biochemistry

  • Taner Ozdil, Landscape Architecture

  • Monica Zhan, Communication

  • Jennifer Little, Public Relations

  • Jerry Hubbard, Goolsby Leadership Academy/Business

  • Kathryn Hamilton Warren, English

  • Adrian Rodriguez, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

  • Cornelia Winguth, Earth and Environmental Sciences

  • Becky Garner, Kinesiology/Public Health

  • Kiva Harper, Social Work

  • Stephanie Peebles Tavera, English 

  • David Hopman, Landscape Architecture

  • Shaun House, Philosophy

  • Michael Magnus, Advertising

  • Ericka Robinson-Freeman, Social Work

  • Loretta Pequeno-Griffin, Education/Leadership Center

  • Peggy Semingson, Education

  • Donna Davis-Livingston, Nursing

  • Erin Carlson, Kinesiology/Public Health

  • LaDonna Aiken, Communication

  • Ivonne Audirac, Planning & Landscape Architecture

  • Amy Austin, Modern Languages (Spanish)

  • LaShaunn Bold, Social Work

  • Denise Cauble, Nursing

  • Karishma Chatterjee, Communication

  • Thomas Dombrowsky, Nursing

  • Sergio Espinosa, Music

  • Ana Gregoria Cano, Modern Languages (Spanish)

  • James Langford, Social Work

  • Shannon Layman, Psychology

  • Alicia Soueid, Modern Languages (French)

  • Amy Speier, Anthropology

  • Adam Stein, Linguistics/English Language Institute

  • Jiyoon Yoon, Curriculum and Instruction

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Explore the fascinating concept of service learning and how it has been successfully integrated into the curriculum by educators.


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The CSL Faculty Fellows Program consists of one or two cohorts with up to ten Fellows each. Fellows participate in a semester-long (Fall or Spring) intensive four-seminar course.

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