UTA joins partnership dedicated to improving student outcomes

Tarrant To & Through seeks to ensure every student has training, skills to thrive in workforce

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The University of Texas at Arlington is joining the Tarrant To & Through Partnership, a community-wide collaborative effort focused on ensuring that more Tarrant County students obtain postsecondary credentials and have the training and skills to thrive in today’s workforce.

The organization, known as T3, is dedicated to improving student outcomes in three primary areas:

• Graduating more students from high school who are college-, career- and military-ready.

• Helping more students enroll in postsecondary pathways with confidence.

• Empowering more students to persist and earn degrees or credentials and enter the workforce prepared for successful careers.

Teik C. Lim, interim president of UT Arlington, said the partnership connects high schools to colleges and universities in a way that makes the transitions seamless.

“The organization’s goal mirrors UT Arlington’s: We want to provide students with enriching experiences that prepare them for future success,” Lim said. “Partnering with T3 and other organizations across Tarrant County will allow UTA to reach even more students and help them achieve their goals.”

About 39% of Tarrant County adults attain an associate degree or higher, but 65% of jobs in the modern economy require some sort of postsecondary certification, according to T3. That shortfall is what T3 hopes to address.

As part of the T3 partnership, UTA will help the group work toward the following goals:

• Increase the number of T3 students who successfully earn postsecondary credentials within six years of high school graduation.

• Increase the number of T3 students who enter the workforce in high-demand living-wage jobs.

• Close the financial aid gap for low-income students, including an annual scholarship program that provides “last dollar” tuition-only support to eligible students for up to four years.

• Establish student support mechanisms such as campus tours, bridge programming, persistence coaching, and emergency funding for successful matriculation.

• Create specific transfer support services for students transferring from Tarrant County College.

• Create an effective data platform aligned with K-12 institutions to track outcomes and provide seamless support to students through their education continuum.

• Engage the local business community and industry partners in the success of T3 students.

• Boost the culture of postsecondary success both within the UTA community and within communities associated with T3 high schools.

In addition to UTA and other postsecondary institutions in the region, members of the partnership include the Fort Worth Independent School District, Bank of America, Beck, Lockheed Martin, Bell, United Way of Tarrant County and other industry and nonprofit leaders.

With corporations joining the partnership, there will be more opportunities for UTA students to be mentored by working professionals through T3.

Troy Johnson, vice president for enrollment management, said the collaboration among businesses, philanthropists and educators will have a significant impact on students from Tarrant County.

“It’s a great opportunity to be part of something innovative and special,” Johnson said. “UT Arlington will dedicate our resources to this endeavor. We’re here to ensure we can be a part of this movement.”

Michele Bobadilla, assistant provost for Hispanic student success and senior associate vice president for outreach services and community engagement, said scholarship opportunities are available for T3 scholars, making the promise of higher education more accessible.

“T3 is a game changer! UTA will provide a variety of student success initiatives to ensure access to and success in higher education for first-generation and diverse student populations,” said Bobadilla. “We are committed to intentional inclusiveness.”

To learn more about T3, please view the informational video.

For more information about the T3 partnership at UTA, please visit UTA’s Tarrant To & Through (T3) Partnership website.