Graduate Engineering Programs

Earn your M.S. in Engineering Management or Master of Software Engineering at UTA Fort Worth.

Engineering Management

The Master of Science in Engineering Management degree is a STEM program designed to introduce both engineering and business tools to engineering professionals who will be moving into leadership positions in product development, strategic planning, or managing the organization’s technology resources. Graduates develop an understanding of how to use an organization’s technical knowledge, skills and abilities to meet their strategic objectives. The UTA Fort Worth program is designed for working professionals who are pursuing their degree part-time.

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Software Engineering

The Master of Software Engineering program facilitates the student's continued professional and scholarly development. It is designed to extend the student's knowledge and emphasize key areas such as system design and development, system testing and quality assurance, cloud computing, and software system and project management. The Master of Software Engineering degree program at UTA Fort Worth is designed for working professionals who are pursuing their degree part-time.

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In my career as a director of engineering, I saw my software engineers do some amazing things. They made what was once science fiction become our reality. A master’s degree in software engineering is the gateway to becoming all that one can hope to be.

Ronald E. Cross

Director of Engineering L3 Link Training & Simulation, Retired.
With the demand for shorter development schedules and increasing cost competition, the Engineering Manager position is fast becoming an essential role in every major industry.

Larry Stephens

DFW Engineering Manager