Dr. Pillai appointed to National Council on Women's Issues

Thursday, Dec 21, 2023

By Jaelon Jackson
School of Social Work

Dr. Pillai appointed to National Council on Women's Issues

University of Texas at Arlington School of Social Work Professor, Dr. Vijayan Pillai has been appointed as a distinguished member of the National Council on Women's Issues, operating under the esteemed National Association of Social Workers. This appointment recognizes Dr. Pillai's outstanding contributions to the field and underscores his dedication to advancing women's rights on a global scale.

"Women's rights are not just about addressing issues; it's about actively championing and safeguarding those rights," said Dr. Pillai, renowned for his extensive research contributions in the realm of reproductive rights. His work has earned him a well-deserved reputation as a thought leader, delving deep into the multifaceted challenges surrounding women's issues.

At the core of Dr. Pillai's responsibilities is a crucial initiative to redefine the council's objectives. "We need a more proactive approach. It's time to move beyond the conventional 'women's issues' label and embrace a term that reflects our commitment to rights advocacy," he said. This strategic shift reflects a dedication to not only identifying problems but also actively advocating for and protecting women's rights in a rapidly evolving social landscape.

"Research is a powerful tool for change," said Dr. Pillai. Over the next three years, he plans to leverage his extensive research expertise to shape discussions and strategies surrounding this transformative initiative. His appointment brings a unique blend of academic rigor and practical insights, ensuring that the council's objectives are not only well-informed but also poised to make a tangible impact in the real world.

Dr. Pillai envisions contributing meaningfully to the council's overarching mission and further assisting with proactive issues at hand. "It's about making a difference where it matters," he said. His commitment to shaping the broader landscape of women's issues within the social work profession is evident in his proactive approach to advocacy and policymaking.

"As we move forward, it's crucial to bridge the gap between research and action," said Dr. Pillai. By actively participating in the council, he is positioned to be a driving force behind the positive changes that will unfold in the coming years.

Dr. Vijayan Pillai's appointment to the National Council on Women's Issues stands as a pivotal moment for both the council and the broader social work profession. As he brings his wealth of knowledge and research to the forefront, Dr. Pillai is set to play a crucial role in steering the narrative around women's issues towards a more rights-focused, proactive agenda.