EDGE Faculty Fellows

The EDGE Faculty Fellows are UTA educators who actively participate in professional development activities, implement and share information learned with colleagues, and assist in data collection related to their implementation. As part of their Fellowship, the EDGE Fellows intentionally incorporate high-impact and engagement strategies into the graduate courses they are teaching and demonstrate their usage of these strategies in their courses.

*EDGE Faculty Fellows must teach at least one graduate-level course per academic year. For more information, please contact Dr. Carla Amaro-Jimenez at Amaro@uta.edu.

Story Carrier Items

Assistant Professor -

Luis Perez Cortez

Department of Curriculum and Instruction - College of Education

Associate Professor -

Xavier Medina Vidal

Department of Political Science - College of Liberal Arts

Assistant Professor -

Marcela Nava

School of Social Work

Assistant Professor -

Elsa Camargo

Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies - College of Education

Chair/Professor -

Ignacio Ruiz-PĂ©rez

Department of Modern Languages - College of Liberal Arts

Clinical Nurse Practitioner Faculty -

Elanda Douglas

Center for Rural Health and Nursing - College of Nursing and Health Innovation

Assistant Professor -

Cristina Salinas

Department of History - College of Liberal Arts

Associate Professor -

Erin Murrah-Mandril

Department of English - College of Liberal Arts

Associate Professor -

Peggy Semingson

Department of Linguistics and Tesol - College of Liberal Arts