The University of Texas at Arlington

Staff Advisory Council


The 2022 Core Initiatives


The Staff Advisory Council (SAC) is dedicated to enhancing employee morale, improving the work environment by uncovering opportunities for improvement, and offering suggestions that will lead to positive change. It is also our privilege to recognize staff accomplishments and the value of our contributions to the University. As we continue to build the SAC community, we want to start by focusing on five areas that will enrich the lives of our staff:

  1. Health and Wellness cater to a healthier lifestyle that improves the life-work balance and explores avenues to increase positivity and strength.
  2. Diversity and Inclusion uphold foundational values that celebrate individuality, inclusiveness, equality, and diversity. It recognizes and celebrates our unique strengths and perspectives while taking ownership of our actions and decisions.
  3. Engagement and Culture incorporate mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships that cultivate collaboration, support, and respect. SAC takes advantage of opportunities that dramatically improve positive cultural outcomes.
  4. Learning and Development create opportunities to invest in staff’s professional and personal growth.
  5. Community Engagement pursues a strategic approach that fosters positive relationships and meaningful interactions with the community and offers contributions that achieve sustainable outcomes.