Strategic Innovation - Programming Grants

Promoting innovation, collaboration, and high-impact practices in the Division of Student Affairs

To promote innovation, collaboration, and high-impact practices, the Division of Student Affairs has earmarked funding to support new initiatives which advance strategic priorities and improve the student experience.  All departments within the Division of Student Affairs, as well as individual staff members, are encouraged to apply for one-time funding for programs, events, and initiatives to be implemented during the 2023-2023 academic year and are not currently funded by the department’s budget.  

Programs designed for students will be considered.  Programs proposed as collaborative efforts between departments are strongly encouraged.  

Applications were accepted through September 30th. Stay tuned for upcoming application period announcements. 

All applications for funding must meet the criteria below:

Project Name

Brief Description of Project


Primary Contact

Include names and departments 


Include names and departments

Need Statement

What student needs will be addressed and how will the need be met through the proposed project?

Learning Outcome

What will students learn because of the project?


Outline your implementation timeline.


Explain how the requested funding will be used to ensure project success.  Outline the expected expenses. 


What steps will you take to implement the project within the proposed timeline?


How will you measure your success?  What are your project goals and metrics?

Strategic Alignment

How does the project align with our division strategic plan and priorities?


international student graduation


International Student and Scholar Services International Sash Ceremony

Implementation of the International Sash Ceremony designed to recognize and celebrate graduating international students. The sash is a great way to proudly display a student’s home country while walking the stage at commencement.

health center building


Condom Dispensers for Free Condom Access

Provide easy and free access to condoms across campus by installing condom dispensers in ten, high-traffic areas around campus.

Participants of Zumbathon laughing as they don't usually dance

Campus Recreation

Feb. Rec Sports Fitness Day

Each year on February 22, NIRSA members celebrate Recreational Sports & Fitness Day in commemoration of NIRSA’s founding date. Rec Day is an occasion to remember when Dr. William Wasson brought 20 intramural directors from 11 Historically Black Colleges and Universities together to share his research on collegiate recreation. February 22, 1950, was the start of NIRSA: Leaders in Collegiate Recreation, an association beloved by so many today.  What began as just 11 schools coming together to discuss intramurals is today a phenomenon all about supporting the idea that recreation on campus matters and has value. UTA’s Campus Recreation Department will bring the spirit of National Recreational Sports and Fitness Day to UTA to promote holistic wellbeing.

Image of Mav Venture

New Maverick Orientation

Implementation of Gallup Strengths for Maventure Camp 2024

Upon completion of Gallup Strengths Coach training, New Maverick Orientation will implement a strengths based curriculum into some Maventure Camp Offerings.  Grant funding will be provided so participants can take Strengths in advance of attendance.

students on campus

Community Standards and Counseling and Psychological Services

Core Counseling Competencies to serve International Students

CAPS counselors will be offered the opportunity to participate in training to gain insight into prevalent challenges encountered by international students.  Through a comprehensive workshop, counselors will acquire essential competencies necessary for addressing these issues.