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Feeding Student Success

The Maverick Pantry is committed to creating and maintaining equitable access to food and essential items so that all members of the University Community can thrive academically, personally, and professionally. Education, support, and advocacy are the pillars that guide our mission in alleviating food insecurity within our Maverick community.

Professional Development Closet

The Professional Development Closet is accessible to all students who are in-need of professional attire for career and internship interviews.

Support Resources

Maverick Support

We'll figure it out together because at UTA, no Maverick gets left behind.

Community That Cares

Health and Wellness

Wellness is one of the six components of Maverick Way and in order to achieve academic success, your health and well-being is our top priority.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) Related Events Health Services

Safety and Prevention

We know that no two survivors have the same experience, and we strive to provide services that are accommodating to all.

Relationship Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention Crime Victims Bystander Intervention


The fund provides limited financial assistance to enrolled students who are struggling financially due to uncontrollable circumstance and require emergency monetary assistance.

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Military and Veteran Services

UTA has a long and proud tradition of serving veterans and their families, dating back to the University’s founding in 1895 and the establishment of the Carlisle Military Academy in 1902. It’s part of our DNA.

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Cultural and Religious Advocacy

UTA encourages students, faculty and staff to be aware and respectful of the diverse cultural and religious observances of the Maverick Community. Holidays may fall on different dates from year to year because many are calculated based on a lunar calendar; dates of holiday observances may also vary regionally.

The University of Texas at Arlington (the “University”) is committed to providing an academic and work environment that is respectful of the religious beliefs and practices of all members of the University community. As part of this commitment, the University will make good faith efforts to provide reasonable accommodations to individuals covered by this procedure whose sincerely held religious beliefs and practices conflict with a University policy, procedure, or other academic or employment requirements unless such an accommodation would create an undue hardship.

DACA Resources

Your success is dependent upon creating a campus community where all students feel they are welcome, safe, and that they belong at UTA.

Broadcast Major

Meet Justin

Having been raised in a small town his entire life, Justin was excited but also nervous to move seven hours away to UTA. It didn't take long for the overwhelming effects of going to new a new school, meeting new friends, getting over-involved and dealing with adult responsibilities sent him to seek help. Check out his student story below to see how he survived his first year of college.
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