Celebrando el Éxito Graduation

Thank you for your interest in Celebrando el Éxito (celebrating success) our achievement and graduation ceremony which highlights and celebrates our students as a Hispanic Serving Institution.

Celebrate Latinx Excellence

The Intercultural Student Engagement Center, Center for Mexican American Studies, Hispanic Serving Institution Initiatives, in addition to UTA faculty, staff and student volunteers, collectively working together to coordinate identity and culturally based graduation ceremonies that complement the University’s commencement celebrations. These cultural celebrations acknowledge the value and uniqueness of underrepresented student experiences and serve to commemorate and highlight the accomplishments of individuals within a familial and cultural context.

The History of Celebrando el Éxito

Celebrando el Éxito planning and implementation began in Spring 2022, with the hopes to celebrate our HSI status as an institution. Originally The Center for Mexican American Studies had a more intimate graduation celebration for their academic major. After discussions, a proposal was made for various offices to collaborate together to bring this large event.

The ceremony includes various elements and graduates are given the opportunity to be publicly recognized among their peers and family members. Celebrando el Éxito is a chance for friends and family to join students in celebrating their success and accomplishments of college.

When it came to establishing a name for our celebration, our committee wanted a name that would easily characterize the success and achievement of our graduating students and as well as members of the community. Celebrando el Éxito means Celebrating the Success.

Today, there are various celebrations similar to Celebrando el Éxito on many college campuses across the country. At the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), the first-ever Celebrando el Éxito occurred in May 2022. The Intercultural Student Engagement Center includes graduation as part of its yearly programming and works directly with a student-led planning committee.

Celebrando el Éxito FAQ

Any UTA student (undergraduate or graduate) who will be graduating in Spring 2024/Fall 2024 can participate. We provide stoles for the following identities:

  • Kente Stoles (Evening of Black Excellence) – African, African American, Black identities
  • Serape Stoles (Celebrando El Exito) – Hispanic/Latinx identities
  • Satin Stoles (Lotus Laureate) - Asian, Pacific Islander Identities

Yes! The registration form serves to inform the graduation committees to include in their programs, how many students to expect, etc. While we would like to provide a stole and celebrate every graduating senior, stoles are limited so please register early!

What does it cost? Nothing! It is FREE for you, your family, and your friends.