Lavender Legacies

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Program Overview

The Lavender Legacies RLC is designed to create an environment where all students who are interested in learning about LGBTQ+ history and culture can live, thrive, and feel supported in their first year of studies on campus. All students are welcome to join the Lavender Legacies RLC and enjoy an experience that enhances the student's academic success, creates a sense of belonging, and develops marketable skills to prepare them for their careers.


Students who are interested in the Lavender Legacies program must meet the following minimum requirements.

  • Be a first-year student enrolling in the Fall Semester
  • Live in Vandergriff Hall with Lavender Legacies RLC
  • Enroll in Lavender Legacies UNIV 1131 in Fall and GWSS 2315 in Spring
  • Have an interest in learning about LGBTQ+ Culture and History
  • Participate in 65% of outside of class activities

Lavender Legacies FAQ

How to Join

Lavender Legacies accepts members all year long. Join us today!

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Program Benefits

  Faculty/Staff Mentors

  Weekly Meetings

  Free Lunch

  UTA Gear