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Student Organizations

Student organizations are the life-line of our community. They provide support, mentorship and a sense of belonging. UTA has over 30 culturally-based student organizations. Many intersect with other identities such as gender, majors, academic interest and hobbies.

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Intercultural Student Programming Board and Interfaith Council

The Intercultural Student Engagement Center (ISEC) Intercultural Student Programming Board (ISPB) is designed to create a better sense of belonging and engage students in learning about various cultures through intentional cross-cultural programming. The ISPB will work with cultural based student organizations to highlight the diverse cultures within the UTA community, while also providing opportunities to for collaboration between the organizations.

Community Connection Opportunities

Alternative Breaks Program

The Intercultural Student Engagement Center (ISEC) Alternative Breaks Program focuses on advocacy and leadership within communities across the nation. Through service experiences students are able to reflect on how their intersecting identities play a role in the way they view social issues. Once students have returned from the Alternative Breaks experience, they are tasked with finding ways to be advocates and leaders within the UTA and greater DFW community.

Peer Mentoring Program

The Intercultural Student Engagement Center (ISEC) Peer Mentorship Program is designed to help first-year students improve their academic success and sense of belonging by providing engagement with student resources and organizations. Students are paired with peer mentors who help to guide them to the appropriate resources based on their individual needs and by providing personalized support.

Internships and Field Placements

Intercultural Student Engagement Center Field Placement - In the Intercultural Student Engagement Center we serve as a site placement to expand experiential learning for students receiving academic credit for a cumulative experience within their degree program through a variety of experiences.

Internships are available for various majors receiving academic course credit with hands-on health services experience.

Community STI Testing "#Mavsgettested"

In conjunction with UTA Health Services, we partner with AIDS Service Organizations to expand STI testing opportunities on our campus. This gives anyone with a positive test, a direct connection to immediate care, and enhances the conversation with students about "What's Your Status".


The Lavender Legacies RLC creates an environment where students interested in learning about LGBTQ+ history and culture can live, thrive, and feel supported in their first year of studies on campus. Students in the Lavender Legacies RLC have an experience that enhances a student's academic success, creates a sense of belonging, and develops marketable skills to prepare them for their careers.

M-Power Residential Learning Community

M-Power is a retention-based program for women from historically underserved communities, but all are welcome to join. M-Power members have amazing opportunities for mentorship, academic support and to develop leadership skills. Members enjoy networking and social activities including faculty/staff mixers, career development and guest speakers.

Mavericks of Distinction Residential Learning Community

The Mavericks of Distinction (MOD) program is a program focused on the retention and graduation rates of men from historically underserved communities on UTA’s campus. The program provides mentorship, leadership development and academic support.

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