Off-Campus Maverick Initiatives


Recognizing the various identities of students that commute to campus, Off-Campus Maverick (OCM) Initiatives aims to develop OCM traditions, and awareness of on-campus trends, news and resources. The Transition Programs team collaboratively works with on and off-campus partners to ensure UTA serves as a home-away-from-home for students that live off-campus. Intentionally curating commuter-specific events, activities and networking opportunities to foster a sense of belonging and connection.


OCM Defined

  • Off-Campus Mavericks are students that commute/drive to campus. They also may live at home with a parent or family member, or they may live on their own in off-campus housing.


Programs & Events

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Off-campus Housing

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A Place Called Home

When students select a college, they are choosing more than a school – for many, it's also the place they will call home for the next four years. But college housing has changed over the years, as dorms of the past have evolved to meet the needs of a new generation of students, experts say. In many cases that means private rooms, suite-style living, or off-campus apartments administered by the school.