OIE Student Stories

Husam Al Omari

Meet Husam

Hometown: Amman, Jordan

Degree you are pursuing at UTA: Master of Science in Human Resource Management

One piece of advice that I would give to new students is to participate in every event that you can. Get your name and face out there. Network because you don’t know when an opportunity will show up. There are so many opportunities that are hidden from you unless you push yourself. Global Grounds is my favorite event from the Office of International Education. You interact with at least 200 people, and everyone is from a different part in the world. It’s eye-opening that there are so many cultures in one place, and everyone is more than happy to help you understand what certain things mean to them. A thing I learned from participating in the Global Mavericks program is that you must take each person as an individual and not as a group. Try not to let stereotypes influence you and interact with them as a person.

Volunteering with the Global Engagement department has challenged me and made me think of things creatively. Interacting with so many people from different cultures and seeing so many different points of view in life is unique. That experience to me is priceless, and I have made a lot of friends at UTA who made a lasting impact on me. A day that stands out to me is international student orientation. There were so many new students we had to check in and help. It was very exciting. It was one of those days I can look back at and say, 'I did something.'