Global Engagement

As part of the Office of International Education, the Global Engagement department advances UTA’s strategic initiatives in relation to international education and intercultural learning.

Global Engagement provides intercultural programs that connect our diverse U.S. and international student populations, trainings and assessments that enhance cultural understanding for all members of the UTA community, ongoing support for international students in a variety of areas, and global education opportunities.

Global Engagement Initiatives

Language & Cultural Exchange Program (LCEP)

Students from around the United States and the world have joined this free and popular program to promote intercultural dialogue and exchange. In the Language & Cultural Exchange Program (LCEP), participants are paired up in one of two tracks—Language- or Cultural Exchange—and are provided with the resources to have engaging conversations on culture, language, and the UTA experience. Partners have the freedom to choose when and where they would like to meet each week, and also have access to special LCEP-exclusive events and programs to help build their network of Mavericks from all around the globe.

Global Mavericks Award Program

The Global Mavericks Award Program (GMAP) brings UTA’s diverse student body together to learn about culture, the world, and each other. Participants map their own global learning journey by choosing experiences that fit with their academic major, schedule and interests. Regardless of your path, all participants will form relationships with students from around the world and develop intercultural competencies that will empower them to succeed in a globally diverse 21st century workforce.

Global Mavericks Newsletter

The Global Mavericks (GM) Newsletter is a bi-weekly Department of Global Engagement newsletter that will help you find fun activities, meet new people, and learn about intercultural opportunities at UTA. Stay informed about Global Mavericks news! Click the “More Information” button below to subscribe and view past GM newsletter issues. Email to submit content to the GM newsletter.

International Student Stories

International Student Stories -

Meet Meng

Living in the United States has changed me because it shows me what a cultural melting pot is.

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International Student Stories -

Meet Shishir

My best advice for international students will be to get out of the comfort zone, explore college and get involved.

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International Student Stories -

Meet Nicolle

The friends that I’ve made in UTA, have become like a family to me and have made my UTA experience wonderful.

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International Student Stories -

Meet Nihaar

UTA is a great choice for international students because it has a warm and welcoming environment.

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International Student Stories -

Meet Husam

One piece of advice that I would give to new students is to participate in every event that you can. Get your name and face out there.

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International Student Stories -

Meet Kassi (Bryan)

Volunteering with Global Engagement helped me grow professionally and to understand and appreciate different cultures.

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