Intercultural Trainings

Popular, on-demand intercultural trainings for students, staff and faculty


Global Engagement intercultural trainings have helped thousands of domestic and international students improve their cultural understanding and global awareness. Our trainings are available for the entire UTA community, including academic classes, staff and faculty workshops, student organizations, fraternities and sororities, leadership development, student employees, residence halls, and new student orientations. In addition to the sessions below, we customize training for specific audiences.

Intercultural Training

Introduction to Intercultural Learning

Over 99% of UTA students reported improved cultural understanding after attending this training. Participants learn about the importance of intercultural competency, understanding cultural differences, and how to develop intercultural skills while at UTA.

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Overview of U.S. Culture

The United States is a large and diverse nation, with many regions and subcultures that account for a wide spectrum of cultural norms. Equally beneficial for international and U.S. students, this session explains how shared general cultural values including individualism, equality, directness, self-determination, and linear time influence the people and society of the U.S.

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The U.S. Higher Education System

International students are typically high-performing and extremely dedicated to academic success, and yet many students struggle to adjust to the U.S. higher education system. This session helps international students overcome those difficulties by explaining Learner vs. Teacher centered education, appropriate communication with professors and advisors, academic expectations, the classroom environment, time management, and cultural considerations of U.S. education.

Culture and Communication

Culture and Communication in the U.S Workforce

Outside of earning a degree, finding an internship or job is one top priorities for international students. To succeed, it is necessary to understand how culture influences job searches, interviews and the U.S. workforce. Confidence, hierarchy, time, self-reliance and formality are just a few cultural considerations students must prepare for. This session covers some of the biggest challenges international students face in finding employment and provides guidance on how they can be overcome.

Supporting International Student

Supporting International Student Success

International students enrich the fabric of university life in so many ways to make UTA a truly global institution. Our staff is here to help faculty and staff support international students by providing educational sessions, resources and intercultural assessments. Whether you’d like to learn more about other cultures and regions of the world where our students come from or develop the intercultural competencies of your department, please contact us to see how we can help.