Scholarships & Loans

Scholarships & Loans

Shahrzad Amirani Scholarship

Shahrzad Amirani Scholarship is an endowed scholarship provided by Shahrzad Amirani who graduate with a PhD form UT Arlington in 1993. The scholarship supports a full-time undergraduate student who has received all or part of their preparatory education in a country other than the United States. The student must demonstrate academic excellence and an ambition to obtain higher level education. Preference shall be given to students who have financial need based on a written statement as to how they will benefit from receiving this scholarship.

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SIAWE Scholarship

The Society of Iranian American Women for Education (SIAWE) is a non-profit charitable organization with no religious preference or political affiliations. SIAWE has made the growth and advancement of Iranian students as one of its major goals. Information regarding this organization can be found at Apply for the SIAWE through Mav Scholarshop

Mustaque Ahmed Loan Fund

The Mustaque Ahmed Loan Fund is used to provide short-term loans to UTA students for immediate short-term emergency needs. Mustaque Ahmed, a UTA alumnus Bangladesh, enjoyed the educational, social and cultural opportunities provided by The University of Texas at Arlington. Mr. Ahmed, now a dedicated alumnus, has recognized the need to provide an additional source of financial support for students experiencing many of the same opportunities and unique challenges presented to him as an international student.

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Tuition Assistance for Mexican Students

The Tuition Assistance for Mexican Students (TAMS) scholarship also referred to as PASE (Programa de Asistencia Estudiantil) provides a waiver of the non-resident portion of a student's tuition bill for qualified students. TAMS is not a cash award. To be eligible for TAMS, you must be a citizen and resident of Mexico who demonstrates financial need. This is a competitive process as the number of awards allotted per semester is limited. The TAMS is available to new and continuing students who demonstrate financial need.

Tuition Assistance for Mexican Students Form