Post-Completion OPT

The information here is for enrolled International Students on F-1 visas.

Post-Completion OPT is work authorization used by students who have completed coursework requirements and would like to start work and gain experience in their chosen field of study.

Requires an updated I-20 with OPT recommendation on page 2 from the Office of International Education before submitting your request to USCIS.

See the OPT General Overview for a complete discussion of this category.


Post-Completion Dates

These dates exclude students who wish to use thesis/dissertation defense date as program completion date. In this case, students should discuss details with an OIE advisor during regular advising hours. To speak with an advisor, please click the bookings button below to schedule an appointment.


Important OPT Dates:

Graduating Semester Earliest Application Earliest Start Date Latest Start Date 
FALL '23 09/15/2023 12/14/2023 02/11/2024 
SPRING '24 02/08/2024 05/09/2024 07/07/2024
SUMMER '24 05/11/2024 08/10/2024 10/09/2024


Important CPT Dates:

CPT Semester CPT Earliest Start Date CPT Latest Start Date (Mid-Semester) CPT Latest End Date
FALL '23 08/12/2023 10/18/2023 01/15/2024
SPRING '24 12/14/2023 03/14/2024 06/02/2024
SUMMER '24 05/09/2024 07/08/2024 08/18/2024
 FALL '24 08/10/2024 10/14/2024 01/12/2025
 SPRING '25 12/12/2024 03/14/2024 06/01/2025



You must request an OPT I-20 from the Office of International Education before starting your application to USCIS.

Submit the four forms/documents below and a printed copy of the email receipt showing payment of the Management and Processing fee (see instructions below) to We recommend that you type the I-765. A sample of a filled I-765 is available here.

Please allow up to 7 business days for processing. During that time, the OIE will issue a new I-20 and email it to your email address.

After you have signed the I-20, you will need to mail your application to USCIS. See the eShipGlobal mailing instructions on the F-1 & J-1 Office procedures page here. The application must be received by USCIS within 30 days of the recommendation being added to the I-20. USCIS is currently denying requests where the OPT recommendation is more than 30 days old on the date they receive the application.

The OIE will contact you when your card arrives. You may:

  • Pick up the card yourself.
  • Schedule a shipment via e-ShipGlobal.

$470 for online filing or $520 for paper filing. Please consult the USCIS fee calculator on the day you mail the application to confirm current fees.

Management and Processing Fee - $150

An OPT Processing and Case Management Fee will be charged when students apply for post-completion OPT and/or the 24-month STEM extension. This fee will be used to subsidize the costs associated with the mandatory case management for students on Optional Practical Training after graduation.

The following fees will apply:

  • 12 Month OPT: $150
  • 24 Month OPT Extension: $175

This fee is not for expedited processing. Please allow up to 7 business days for processing.




Payment for OPT fees will be processed through the self-service page on your MyMav account only. This process allows you to use a credit card or an electronic check to pay for services. These fees cannot be paid to OIE or the Office of Student Accounts.