Global Mavericks Award Program

About the GMAP

Not sure where to start with your global learning experience at UTA? The Global Mavericks Award Program (GMAP) supports Mavericks in their journey to develop their international and intercultural skills. By participating in a range of learning experiences in- and outside of the classroom, participants develop global awareness, build their cross-cultural collaboration skills, and become part of a worldwide Global Maverick network.

The GMAP aids students to develop global consciousness. In fulfilling the award criteria, each student builds proficiency in cross-cultural collaboration, intercultural perspective-taking, and critical problem-solving with an awareness of global trends and systems.

Participants access exclusive events, assessments, and workshops on a range of intercultural topics during their UTA journey. GMAP’s points-based structure allows students to choose their own learning paths and log their progress to award qualification.

Earning Points

In order to qualify for the Global Mavericks Award, students must record 30 points’ worth of globally-aligned activities and attend at least one Global Mavericks Conversation workshop. Qualifying activities are aligned with three central pillars.

Examples of different activities & point values are reflected in the table below.

Global Education (max. 15) Global Awareness (max. 10) Global Connections (max. 10)
Study Abroad Experience
Global Mavericks Conversations Workshops
2 points each
Attending GE & CESC Events 1-2 points/event
Passing grade in academic courses with cultural foci (incl. language classes)
5 points each
Intercultural Skills Assessments (IES & IDI)
Points vary
Leadership or active membership in culturally- focused student organizations
Points vary
Language Exchange Program Participation
2 points
Global Mavericks Workshops
1-2 points
Hosting a culturally-focused event on campus
2-5 points


Participants track points for qualifying activities (completing intercultural assessments, attending events, volunteering, etc.) in the GMAP Canvas page. To encourage participants' engagement in a variety of types of activities, each category is capped at a certain number of qualifying points. Rooted in our ethos of experiential learning, the process of tracking points involves self-reflection, active learning, and skills application.

Program Completion

Participants qualify for the Global Maverick Award once they have tracked 30 points of activity in the GMAP Canvas Page and have attended at least one Global Mavericks Conversation event. They will be presented with a cord to add to their graduation regalia and will receive a unique LinkedIn badge & certification to reflect their accomplishment. 



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Pillars of a Global Maverick Experience

  • Global Education

  • Curricular & co-curricular activities which broaden one’s knowledge of world events & history

  • Global Awareness

  • Assessments & workshops that prompt cultural reflection and provide structure for self-driven intercultural learning.

  • Global Connections

  • Activities & engagements which build students’ social- and professional networks and promote cross-cultural leadership skills.