SEVP Portal

The information here is for enrolled International Students on F-1 visas.


Student and Exchange Visitor Portal for F-1 Post-Completion and STEM OPT Students

The following information has been provided by the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) through Study in the States. For more information and resources, please click the "SEVP Portal Help" button below.

On Friday, March 23, 2018, the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) will launch the SEVP Portal. The portal is a tool that F-1 students on post-completion or STEM OPT can choose to use to report changes to their home address, telephone number and employer information. As a student on post-completion or STEM OPT, you will be eligible to use the portal. The portal is accessible from both your mobile device and computer.

If you are eligible to use the portal, you will receive the SEVP Portal account creation link to your email address in SEVIS. This email will come from If you do not see the email, check your spam or junk mail folder. If you still do not see it, contact your designated school official (DSO) to have the email sent again.

The SEVP Portal will allow you to:

View details about your post-completion or STEM OPT. Report changes to your address, telephone and employer information. View and update data on all your employers in one place.

screenshot of portal


All OPT reporting requirements are still in effect and have not changed. Students are still required to update information via MyMav and utilize the online forms for OPT Employer Reporting. If you have any questions about the portal or need assistance, please contact the OIE (817) 272-2355 to speak with an advisor. You may also call the SEVP Response Center at 703-603-3400.


The SEVP highly encourages use of the portal. The OIE will require OPT students to update and maintain information on the portal once the account has been set up.

SEVP Portal sends email to student

  • Email sent from:
  • Email subject line: Optional Practical Training Approval – the next step. Create an SEVP Portal account

If you do not receive email:

  • Check spam or junk mail folders
  • Contact DSO to confirm correct email address in SEVIS & Request that the portal resend the account creation email.

Email contains a unique link to create an account

  • Link can only be used once and cannot be shared
  • Student must click the link to open the registration page

Enter SEVIS ID number on registration page

  • Must use their correct, current SEVIS ID number
  • Account will lock after three incorrect attempts to enter a SEVIS ID number

Students prompted to create a password

  • Enter password twice and click "Create Account"

Be Aware of Phishing

Students will only receive emails from:

  • Emails will provide notification about student's SEVP Portal account

Make and Maintain a Strong Password

Create a secure password

  • Special requirements for passwords
  • Do not share password under any circumstances

Update password every 90 days

  • Portal will prompt students with expiring or expired passwords to change their password upon login

Change or reset password through SEVP Portal

  • Student can change or reset a password at any time

Log into the SEVP Portal every 90 days or your account will be locked.

Click Create Account option

  • Portal will open the login page and display a success message

After receiving access to the portal, students can:

  • Log in and out of the portal
  • Access portal pages
  • Manage their account

Biographic information

  • Displays student name and date of birth as entered in SEVIS
  • Read-only section

Physical address

  • Portal will automatically verify address validity

Mailing address

  • Can be the same as physical address
  • Can be a post office box

Phone number

  • Add or edit U.S. and foreign telephone number