OIE Student Stories

Meng Yang

Meet Meng

Hometown: Xi’an, China

Degree you are pursuing at UTA: PhD in Linguistics & TESOL

UTA is a great choice for international students because it is one of the top five most diverse campuses in the US, which provides a great opportunity to meet people from different countries. Living in the United States has changed me because it has shown me what a cultural melting pot is, and I have made friends with people of different ages, backgrounds, and religions. It has made me realize that beyond all the differences we think we have between ourselves and others, be it at an individual, community, or national level, a smile is the universal greeting and compassion is the key to understand each other.

I enjoy living in Texas because I love how relaxed and friendly people are here. People hold the door for you when you are entering the building behind them. There are also many places to go to learn more about the history, sports, and culture of Texas. In addition, if you are like me, you will also love this area since the Dallas Botanical Garden, Dallas World Aquarium, and Fort Worth Zoo are great places to check out. There are also parks and lakes that are within easy drive distance that you can go for a walk to nourish your soul.

After earning my degree, I plan to become a university professor to help students to succeed in their academic goals. In our PhD program of Linguistics & TESOL, apart from other courses that are academic knowledge driven, we are offered a ‘Graduate Student Success’ course, where many real-life skills and tips of wisdom are discussed and shared, such as writing a CV, apply for funding, time-management, and work-life balance. I would love to pay back the community to pass on the knowledge and wisdom I have received at UTA.