Our Workshops

RVSP staff are committed to providing inclusive, intersectional, and social justice oriented prevention education to the campus community on relationship and sexual violence. Below are the following workshops offered by RVSP staff and Peer Advocates:

Trainings and Presentations

Survivor Ally

Survivor Ally is a two hour training that provides contemporary perspectives on terminology, the framework on the continuum of sexual violence, the complexity of disclosing, myths and facts of date rape culture, and the obstacles victims and survivors face when accessing resources. After the completion of the workshop, Survivor Allies will be able to integrate this knowledge and how to be an active bystander and ally to victims and survivors.

An ally is an individual with the awareness, knowledge, and/or skills to confront injustice and advocate for equality while supporting all persons, regardless of perceived or actual sexual identity, sexual expression, gender identity, and/or gender expression, who are experiencing discrimination. Survivor Allies are identified on campus by buttons, signs, and t-shirts that carry the official Survivor Ally logo. If you see this logo, the person displaying it has completed the official training, signed the commitment form, outside of external obligation or pressure, and is comfortable being a resource and connecting others to resources for the campus community.

Consent: Moving Towards Establishing a Healthy Yes As The Norm

This 45 minute presentation allows students to discuss sex and consent while critically examining messages they have received about consent, and how that impacts their lives and the community. This presentation also addresses the relationship between alcohol and other drugs with sexual violence.

The History of Rape Culture & How We Can Change It

This 45 minute presentation defines rape culture and looks at the ways people have adapted to living in a “rape culture” and how popular media and culture reinforce behaviors. Activities enable participants to examine what rape culture is, and how this context affects the daily lives of people differently.

The Power to Act: Bystander Intervention & What You Can Do In The Moment

This 45 minute presentation increases students awareness about the importance of their role in helping to end interpersonal violence at UTA. Students will learn how to be a positive bystander while also considering their personal safety in situations that pose a threat to community safety.

How to Support Survivors: Creating a Culture for Disclosure & What to Do Next

This 45 minute presentation will educate students on how to support survivors of sexual and relationship violence. Students will learn what it means to be survivor-centered and create a culture where survivors are able to disclose within their social circles.


Not seeing a workshop that meets your classroom or student organizational needs? Send us an email and we will create curriculum centered on course topics and organizational needs.