Reza Ghoddoosian


Meet Reza

As a PhD student, I adore my solo walks from my on-campus apartment to the ERB while contemplating or enjoying the scenery around. . The time I needed empathy the most, I realized I could've never had it more by learning how to give it more...and being a CAPS ambassador gave me that CAPS has been there next to me all along, it has been there next to me all along. Being in touch with a counselor on a regular basis has given me the chance to have someone to open up to regarding different matters, someone who guided me without judgment. Life would have been more challenging without CAPS and I'm grateful for having CAPS on our campus.

Also, as a CAPS ambassador, I learned how to be a good listener, how to empathize with others and be more mindful. It was heartwarming that I was the first beneficiary of CAPS ambassador services."  

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