Advanced Controls and Sensors Group

Based at the UTA Research Institute, the Advanced Control and Sensors Group conducts research in nonlinear feedback control systems, intelligent control, reinforcement learning for optimal control, synchronization of multi-agent networked systems, decision for intelligent driverless cars, distributed control on communication networks, neuro-psychology for feedback control, robotics, machine learning in automatic feedback systems, small autonomous rotorcraft vehicles and neural networks. The group is supported by grants from the National Science Foundation, Office of Naval Research and Army Research Office and industry contracts.

Recent research areas include:

  • Cooperative control of distributed systems on communication graphs
  • Synchronized control for interactive autonomous aerial systems
  • Reinforcement learning & approximate dynamic programming
  • Human-robot interactions, robotics
  • Nonlinear control systems
  • Robust and adaptive systems and control
  • Neural network control of robots and nonlinear systems
  • Machine learning for feedback control


Frank L. Lewis, Ph.D., Fellow, National Academy of Inventors, Lab Director (
Yan Wan, Ph.D. (


  • Yusuf Kartal (Ph.D.), cooperative control of autonomous multi-agent air vehicles
  • Patrik Kolaric (Ph.D.), decision and control for multi-agent autonomous systems
  • Bosen Lian (Ph.D.), interactive multi-agent sensor networks and autonomous systems


  • Victor Lopez, reinforcement learning and cooperative control
  • Baker Al Quadi, bio-inspired adaptive tuning of human-robot interfaces
  • Shan Zuo Susan (co-advised with A. Davoudi), cooperative control of multi-agent systems
  • Bahare Kiumarsi, reinforcement learning and biologically inspired control
  • Hamidreza Modares, reinforcement learning for feedback control
  • Vahidreza Nasirian, Revisiting established control paradigms in emerging energy hubs (Co-advised. Main adviser is Dr. Ali Davoudi, EE, UTA)
  • Ali Bidram, cooperative control for electric power microgrid (Co-advised. Main adviser is Dr. Ali Davoudi, EE, UTA)
  • Kristian Hengster-Movric, cooperative control systems, distributed optimal design on graphs
  • Muhammad Aurangzeb, Coalitions and Games on Graphs
  • Mohammed Abouheaf, cooperative graphical games, reinforcement learning for power system economic dispatch
  • Kyriakos Vamvoudakis, neural networks for feedback control
  • Emanuel Stingu, autonomous aerial vehicles, helicopters
  • Draguna Vrabie, Neural Networks for Control- Approximate Dynamic Programming for continuous-time systems
  • Abhijit Das, nonlinear autopilots for UAV helicopters
  • Prasanna Ballal, Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Pritpal Dang, Man-Machine Interface
  • J. Gadewadikar, H-infinity control, output feedback control, helicopter UAV control
  • Asma Al-Tamimi, Approximate Dynamic Programming for discrete-time systems
  • Cheng Tao, finite horizon optimal control for nonlinear systems
  • M. Abu-Khalaf, Nonlinear Control and HJB Equation Design

Recent Funding

  • F.L. Lewis, Yan Wan, and Ali Davoudi,” Graphical Games and Distributed Reinforcement Learning Control in Human-networked Multi-group Societies,” ARO Grant, $750,000, Sept 2020-Sept 2023.
  • F.L. Lewis, Yan Wan, and Ali Davoudi, EAGER: Real-Time: Collaborative Research: Unified Theory of Model-based and Data-driven Real-time Optimization and Control for Uncertain Networked Systems, NSF grant, $220,000, September 2018-August 2020.   
  • F.L. Lewis and Yan Wan, “Optimal Design for Assured Performance of Interactive Multibody Systems,” ONR Grant, $815,000, June 2018-May 2022.   

Industry Contracts

  • F.L. Lewis and Yan Wan, “Fast Autonomous Driving Decision based on Learning and Rule-based Cognitive Information,” Ford Contract for 3 years, $150K. April 2019-April 2022 
  • F.L. Lewis and Yan Wan, “Heterogeneous Autonomous Networks for Sensor Optimizing Locomotion,” $50,000 contract from Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Labs, Feb.-Dec. 2019. 


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Main Books

  • F.L. Lewis, Hongwei Zhang, K. Hengster-Movric, A. Das, Cooperative Control of Multi-Agent Systems: Optimal and Adaptive Design Approaches, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 2014.
  • D. Vrabie, K. Vamvoudakis, and F.L. Lewis, Optimal Adaptive Control and Differential Games by Reinforcement Learning Principles, IET Press, 2012.
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Recent Journal Publications

  • Xue, Wenqian, Fan, J., Lopez, V. G., Li, J., Jiang, Y., Chai, T., Lewis, F. L. (2020). New Methods for Optimal Operational Control of Industrial Processes using Reinforcement Learning on Two Time-Scales. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 16(5), 3085--3099.
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