UTA Engineering Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors educate middle school, high school, and community college students on engineering fields, engineering programs at UTA, and the importance of math and science.  This group of engineering majors shares the students’ perspective of the University and the College.

What do Engineering Student Ambassadors Do?

  • Provide information to prospective students about the College of Engineering via social media, email, phone calls, letters, postcards, etc.
  • Meet one-on-one with future students and parents
  • Represent the College of Engineering at college and career fairs, transfer fairs, school visits, New Maverick orientation, Maverick Experience, and more
  • Participate in STEM-focused events at area schools
  • Lead tours of the College
  • Participate on student panels
  • Represent the College at community, industry and university and alumni functions

College of Engineering Student Ambassadors

Meet the Current Ambassadors

Architectural Engineering Major -

Meet Zara

Engineering is very exciting because I can use science and innovative thinking to solve problems and collaboratively create designs for the benefit of...

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Mechanical Engineering Major -

Meet Kevin

I like that the College of Engineering gives us the necessary resources to succeed and provides plenty of opportunities to participate in...

Read Kevin's Story

Software Engineering Major -

Meet Sonia

The first research project I ever saw on campus was about a robot analyzing a sick patient using artificial intelligence.

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Aerospace Engineering Major -

Meet Tiger

Engineering excites me because it gives me the skills to tackle real world problems with solutions that work and enable me to help others.

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Computer Engineering Major -

Meet Jezreel

Knowing that my actions and manifestation of solutions to problems may help a life is a fulfilling way to live.

Read Jezreel's Story

Civil Engineering Major -

Meet Scott

Engineering is exciting to me because I like solving problems and helping people. By being an engineer, I get to do both.

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Civil Engineering Major -

Meet Yuan

Engineers utilize their skills and experiences to help society prosper. From drainage systems to skyscrapers, engineering is always helping people to...

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Current Ambassadors

  1. Anne Alsup Biomedical Engineering
  2. Edwin Diaz Computer Engineering
  3. Connor Hernandez Electrical Engineering
  4. Kevin Leiva Mechanical Engineering
  5. Rachel Meredith Architectural Engineering
  6. Kunda Mumba Construction Management
  7. Utibeabasi Obot Computer Science