Student Computer Requirements

Requirements for student computers in UTA's College of Engineering

If you already have a laptop which meets the OIT UTA minimum standards, you may continue to use it as long as it continues to meet our coursework needs. The following recommendation is provided for students wishing to purchase a laptop that is likely to be sufficient for four years of undergraduate engineering coursework.

Recommended Laptop for Engineering students starting at UTA Fall 2020

  • 64 bit platform
  • Intel 8th Generation i5 or i7 processor (equivalent or higher)
  • 16 GB RAM (or higher)
  • Screen size 15 inch (or your preference, with 13 inch as absolute minimum)
  • 256 GB hard drive (or higher)
  • Wireless Ethernet, Sound, camera
  • Two or more USB ports and a video port (HDMI, DVI, VGA)

Considerations when choosing Mac OS or Windows based computer

Of the common CAD software, currently only AutoCAD has a native Mac OS version. Currently, 3D modeling software, including Inventor, SolidWorks, PTC/CREO and CATIA run only on native Windows based computers or on MAC OS through a Windows emulator. (Inventor, SolidWorks, PTC/CREO, and CATIA are available in on campus computer labs for coursework.) Other programs, such as MatLAB, Mathematica, and Mathcad, have both Mac OS and Windows versions.


Information on software will be included in the syllabus for each course. Student versions of many engineering software applications are available from the individual manufacturers.