Engineering Student Organizations

Here are many of UTA's engineering student organizations.


Team Organizations

Honor Organizations

Multi-disciplinary Organizations

Outside of COE Organizations

  • Students for the Exploration and Development of Space
  • Maverick Chess Club
  • Out in STEM Arlington

Engineering Discipline Professional Organizations

Room Reservations

  • Student Organizations should complete a CEPS form with Student Governance and Organizations as the registration of the event and to serve as the paperwork used to submit for the room reservation, regardless of where the reservation is being made. This is to help all of our campus partners know and understand if the group is a registered organization or not.
  • Student orgs should then take the form to the appropriate reservations office if booking a room that is reserved through a college/school/other office.
  • Classrooms booked through the central classroom scheduling database (ASTRA) are handled through Student Governance and Organizations. See attached for room list.
  • Other rooms in Nedderman Hall: NH 100, Atrium, Rady Room (NH 601), and NH 604 are booked through Amy McMichael ( 

Student Organization Classroom Access Guide