College of Engineering Awards

Minnie Stevens Piper Professor

Year Recipient
2006 Kent Lawrence, MAE
2017 Robert Woods, MAE
2018 David Hullender, MAE

UT System Regents' Outstanding Teaching Awards

Established by the Board of Regents in 2008, the Regents' Outstanding Teaching Awards complement a wide range of System-wide efforts that underscore the Board's commitment to ensuring the UT System is a place of intellectual exploration and discovery, educational excellence and unparalleled opportunity.

Year Recipient
2010 Anand Puppala
2011 Bill Corley
2012 Jamie Rogers
2013 Frank Lewis
2015 Simon Chao
2017 Robert Woods

UTA Academy of Distinguished Teachers

This is a university-level award for tenured faculty members who have made sustained and significant contributions to education at UTA. Members of the Academy are chosen on the basis of their outstanding teaching, personal commitment to students and the learning process, and ability to inspire and motivate students in the classroom, and have a distinguished teaching record, including previous teaching awards.

Year Recipient
1996 G.T. Stevens
1998 Lynn Peterson
2005 Farhad Kamangar
2007 Robert Woods
2009 Anand Puppala
2010 Bill Corley
2011 Jamie Rogers
2012 Frank Lewis
2013 Manfred Huber
2014 Sia Ardekani
2016 Kent Lawrence
2019 Shi-Ho Chao and Victoria Chen
2020 Melanie Sattler
2021 Bill Carroll and David Hullender
2022 Hyejin Moon
2023 Mohsen Shahandashti

UTA Academy of Distinguished Scholars

This award recognizes the achievements of tenured faculty members who have made sustained and significant contributions to the research mission at UTA.

Year Recipient
2004 Diane Cook
Abdolhossein Haji-Sheikh
Frank Lewis
2005 Adrian Fung
2006 Sajal Das
2008 K.R. Rao
2009 Robert Magnusson
2012 Wei-Jen Lee
2013 Hanli Liu
Anand Puppala
2014 Liping Tang
2015 Pranesh Aswath
Qilian Liang
2016 J.-C. Chiao
Weidong Zhou
2017 Zeynep Çelik-Butler
Heng Huang
2018 Kytai Nguyen
2019 Dereje Agonafer
Kenneth Reifsnider
Surendra Shah
Baohong Yuan
2020 James Coleman
Stathis Meletis
Michael Vasilyev
2022 Yi Hong
2023 Ashfaq Adnan

Distinguished Alumni Award

The Distinguished Alumni Award honors graduates and former students who have made significant contributions to society, and whose accomplishments and careers have brought credit to the University. This individual is distinguished in his/her chosen business, profession or life work, has received personal recognition from contemporaries, has participated in leadership roles within his/her community, and has demonstrated, through word and deed, the importance of his/her education at The University of Texas at Arlington.

Year Recipient
1971 H. Earl Singleton
1973 Edwin L. Hamilton
1974 Wayne E. Glenn
1975 H.J. Haynes and Paul E. Yarborough Jr.
1979 Mo-Shing Chen
1982 Joseph J. Rady
1984 Wendell H. Nedderman
1987 Robert L. Stewart
1988 Glenn Gaustad
1989 J. Jan Collmer
1991 John D. Patterson and C. Marvin Applewhite
1993 Safi Qureshey
1995 C. Roland Haden
1996 T. Anthony Reid
1997 Jim Oliphant
1998 Sam Simonian and Elie Akilian
1999 Dick Moeller
2000 Walter Sonneborn
2001 James Royce Lummus Jr.
2002 Robert C. Davis
2003 George F. Pickett
2004 Michael S. Greene
2005 Gary Trietsch
2006 Lawrence W. Stephens
2007 Kelcy Warren
2008 Jeff Smith
2009 Rudy Garcia
2010 Clifford Hahne
2011 Keith D. Weiss
2012 Charles H. Goodman and David L. Hunn
2013 Arun Bhikshesvaran
2014 James Greer
2015 Raj Malik
2017 Roger A. Krone and Raj K. Nooyi
2018 Kevin Le
2019 Wendy Okolo

Hall of Achievement

Membership in the Hall of Achievement is accorded to individuals who, through their performance and example, have made significant contributions to the engineering profession. It is an honor given to a distinguished few in recognition of exceptional achievements. Enrollment in the Hall of Achievement is an acknowledgement of superior performance by an engineer.

Year Recipient
1979 Richard E. Adams - General Dynamics
Cecil H. Green - Texas Instruments
Burl B. Hulsey - Texas Utilities
Joe J. Rady - Rady & Associates
1980 T. Louis Austin - Texas Utilities
Jack S. Kilby Texas Instruments
B. J. Lancaster Arco Oil & Gas
Robert L. Nichols Freese & Nichols
Robert J. Patton Vought Corporation
Andrew P. Rollins Jr. Maj. Gen., US Army (ret.)
1982 A. Earl Cullum Jr. Consulting Engineer
Jan M. Drees Bell Helicopter-Textron
Felix W. Fenter Vought Corporation
Marvin Gearhart Gearhart Industries
1983 J. D. Greenwade Houston Lighting & Power
James R. Lightner Electrospace Systems, Inc.
Herbert F. Rogers General Dynamics
Phillip S. Sizer Otis Engineering
1984 Joe C. Culp Rockwell International
George H. Heilmeier Texas Instruments
Robert R. Lynn Bell Helicopter-Textron
Robert N. Parker Vought Corporation
1985 Charles A. Anderson General Dynamics
Kent M. Black Rockwell International
James E. Cook Gifford-Hill & Co. Inc.
Robert W. Stoner Vought Corporation
1986 Roland Hayden Arizona State University
William B. Mitchell Texas Instruments
Albert H. Halff Albert H. Halff Associates
Harold Sobol Rockwell International
1987 Edward M. Pertushka General Dynamics
Hugh G. Robinson Cityplace Devel. Corp.
E.E. Scarth Texas Utilities Electric Co.
Glenn Gaustad Texas Instruments
1988 Wendell H. Nedderman UT Arlington
Jack Woolf UT Arlington
1989 John Roach Tandy Corporation
1990 E. Gene Keiffer E Systems, Inc.
1991 Charles N. Lynk Jr. Motorola
1992 Jan Collmer Collmer Semiconductor, Inc.
1993 W. Don Dickson E Systems, Inc.
Robert E. Hill Brokette/Davis/Drake
1994 Willie A. "Bill” Baker UT Arlington
1996 LeRoy Burch Gifford-Hill & Co. Inc.
1997 John H. McElroy UT Arlington
Floyd L. Cash UT Arlington
1998 Kalpana Chawla NASA
Karan Harbison UT Arlington
1999 J. Royce Lummus Lockheed Martin
Tommy Thompson BioMax Technologies
2000 Michael Bielinski N Vision Design
Robert C. Van Siclen Lockheed Martin
2001 Craig Murphy Sabre Inc.
Akira Ishikawa Ball Semiconductor, Inc.
2002 Bradley R. Bradford Nat’l Semiconductor, Inc.
2003 Frank J. Cappuccio Lockheed Martin
2004 Charles A. Sorber University of Texas System
Della Williams Williams-Pyro
2005 Mike Glinski General Motors
2006 Alfred R. Potvin Consultant
2007 Larry Hornbeck Texas Instruments
2008 Alan M. Boeckmann Fluor Corporation
2009 James M. Crites DFW International Airport
2010 Joe L. Barton U.S. House of Representatives
2011 Matt Blanton STARTech Early Ventures
2012 Allen Bowling Texas Instruments
2013 No Award Given
2014 Walter Chiang Chiang, Patel and Yerby, Inc.
2015 Mike Greene Energy Future Holdings Co.
2016 Krish Prabhu AT&T
2020 Ayyappan Sarkanan - Anokhi, Inc.
2021 Mo-Shing Chen - UT Arlington
2022 Chris MacFarland - Masergy

College of Engineering Star Partner Award

The College of Engineering Star Partner Award recognizes invaluable partnerships which advance innovation, student success and a strong community.

Year Recipient
2022 Texas Department of Transportation (Public)
Lockheed Martin (Private)
2023 Trinity River Authority (Public)
Bell (Private)
2024 North Central Texas Council of Governments (Public)
Bridgefarmer & Associates(Private)

Outstanding Early Career Faculty Award

The Outstanding Early Career Faculty Award is given annually to the young tenure track faculty member judged to be the most promising as a teacher and scholar based upon the body of work accomplished while in the College.

Year Recipient
1986 A. J. Blanchard
1987 George V. Kondraske
1988 Krishna Kavi
1989 Jonathan Bagby and Bob Weems
1990 T. J. Sheih
1991 David Klemer
1992 Siamak Ardekani
1993 Theresa Maldonado
1994 Pranesh B. Aswath
1995 Diane Cook
1996 Seung Mun You
1997 Saibun Tjuatja
1998 Lonnie Welch
1999 Hanli Liu
2000 Lawrence Holder
2001 Anand J. Puppala
2002 Choong-Un Kim
2003 Laureano Hoyos and Soontorn Oraintara
2004 Manfred Huber and Meng Tao
2005 Qilian Liang
2006 Melanie L. Sattler
2007 Jean Gao
2008 Yonghe Liu
2009 Seong Jin Koh
2010 Kytai Truong Nguyen
2011 Jian Yang
2012 Mario Romero-Ortega
2013 Vassilis Athitsos
2014 Baohong Yuan
2015 Fuqiang Liu
2016 Ali Davoudi
2017 Ankur Jain
2018 Yi Hong
2019 Alice Sun
2020 Nick Fang
2021 Mohsen Shahandashti
2022 Ramtin Madani and Jiang Ming
2023 Erika La Plante and Juhyun Lee
2024 Ye Cao, Michelle Hummel and Shirin Nilizadeh

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Excellence in Teaching Award

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Excellence in Teaching Award winners are distinguished educators who demonstrate their dedication to the teaching profession by their superior classroom instruction and exceptional interactions with students. Lockheed Martin sponsors the award in part to honor Robert Q. Lee, a Lockheed Martin engineer who served for several years on the advisory board for the College of Engineering, helping to raise the quality and reputation of the College’s programs and faculty.

Year Recipient
1982 Grover Grubb
1983 David Hullender
1984 Clyde Armstrong
1985 Kai-Shing Yeung
1986 Richard Rinewalt
1987 Elinor Pape
1988 Donald H. Liles
1989 Bob Woods
1990 Charles Smith and David Thompson
1991 Tom Petry and Ijaz Parpia
1992 Lynn Peterson and Theresa Maldonado
1993 Bob Weems and Dale Anderson
1994 Tom Lawley and Lloyd Gordon
1995 Behrooz Shirazi and Stephen Kugle
1996 Dan Tuckness and Siamak Ardekani
1997 F. A. Kamangar and Wendell Nedderman
1998 Vasant Prabhu and Bob P. Weems
1999 Ramez Elmasri and Lawerence B. Holder
2000 Diane Cook and William E. Dillon
2001 Piotr Gmytrasiewicz and Shekhar Govind
2002 Kevin Nelson and Ramesh Yerraballi
2003 Venkat Devarajan and Jonathan Bredow
2004 Kai Yeung
2005 Herbert W. Corley, Jr.
2006 Manfred Huber
2007 Roger Goolsby
2008 David Hullender
2009 Sajal K. Das
2010 Melanie Sattler
2011 J.-C. Chiao
2012 Wen Chan
2013 Kambiz Alavi
2014 Laureano Hoyos
2015 Gergely Zaruba
2016 Kamesh Subbarao
2017 Bill Carroll
2018 Ankur Jain
2019 Nur Yazdani
2020 Ashfaq Adnan
2021 Yan Wan
2022 Alan Bowling
2023 Manfred Huber
2024 Cesar Torres

College of Engineering Teaching Award

The College of Engineering Teaching Award recognizes a faculty member who is dedicated to teaching and ensuring that students are well-equipped to enter the workforce upon graduation and enjoy rewarding careers as engineers.

Year Recipient
2018 Darin Brezeale
2019 Bill Carroll and David Hullender
2020 Chris McMurrough and Melanie Sattler
2021 Simon Chao and Victoria Chen
2022 Kamesh Subbarao and Nur Yazdani
2023 Michael Bozlar and Justyn Jaworski
2024 Paul Davidson, Laureano Hoyos and Jay Rosenberger

APT Award for Innovative Teaching

The College of Engineering APT Award for Innovative Teaching recognizes particularly innovative and creative teaching that produced a noticeable impact.

Year Recipient
2022 Raul Fernandez
2023 Robert Taylor
2024 Linda Barasch and Niloofar Parsaeifard

Award for Distinguished Record of Research

The College of Engineering Award for Distinguished Record of Research recognizes a faculty member for achieving a particularly important research or creative accomplishment over a sustained period. Previous recognition of research accomplishments and at least 3 years at UTA are expected.

Year Recipient
2022 Choong-Un Kim
2023 Junzhou Huang
2024 Yi Hong

Lawrence Stephens Award for Outstanding Research Achievement

The Lawrence Stephens Award for Outstanding Research Achievement was made possible by the generosity of MAE alumnus and Lockheed Martin executive Larry Stephens. It recognizes a faculty member for achieving a particularly important research or creative accomplishment during the past three years. Previous recognition of research accomplishments and at least 3 years at UTA are expected.

Year Recipient
2022 Haiying Huang
2023 Sharareh Kermanshachi and Yuze "Alice" Sun
2024 Warda Ashraf and Dajiang Zhu

Excellence in Research Award

The Excellence in Research Award winners are distinguished scholars who have demonstrated their scholarship by advancing the state of knowledge in their chosen field of research. Selected by a committee of peers, the College of Engineering Excellence in Research Award is given annually to the professor who best meets the standard of research excellence required of this prestigious award.

Year Recipient
1983 Mo-Shing Chen
1984 A. Haji-Sheikh
1985 K. R. Rao
1986 Robert L. Yuan
1987 Adrian K. Fung
1988 Dale Anderson
1989 Syed Qasim
1990 Ron Carter
1991 Charles Chuong, William Nunnally, and Seung Mun You
1992 Frank Lewis
1993 Robert Magnusson and Wei-Jen Lee
1994 Bo Wang
1995 Ray Shoults
1996 Kambiz Alavi
1997 Donald H. Liles
1998 Behrooz Shirazi
1999 Wen Chan
2000 Pranesh B. Aswath
2001 John Priest
2002 Venkat Devarajan
2003 Sajal Das
2004 Diane Cook
2005 Anand J. Puppala
2006 Sharma Chakravarthy
2007 Choong-Un Kim
2008 Hanli Liu
2009 J.C. Chiao
2010 Liping Tang
2011 Ali Abolmaali
2012 Qilian Liang
2013 Weidong Zhou
2014 Mario Romero-Ortega
2015 Chris Ding
2016 Samir Iqbal and Kytai Nguyen
2017 Andrew Makeev
2018 Baohong Yuan
2019 Haiying Huang
2020 Yi Hong
2021 Fillia Makedon and Xinbao Yu

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College of Engineering Legacy Award

The Legacy Award is given to someone who is or was a tenured College of Engineering faculty member in recognition of outstanding career-long performance and dedication to the College. Their service to UTA should include an unbroken span of at least 20 years as a faculty member and/or service as an administrator, they should have a distinguished record of academic accomplishments, including research, teaching and service, and they should demonstrate national and international recognition.

Year Recipient
2023 Khosrow Behbehani and Mo-Shing Chen
2024 Don H. Liles

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Fay Van Dam Outstanding Staff Award

Fay Van Dam Outstanding Staff Award is presented to an engineering staff member in recognition of outstanding performance and dedication to the College.

Year Recipient
1992 Ava Chapman, Azalee Tatum, and Barbara Sanderson
1993 Randall Coburn, Bill Reiss, and Sue Knight
1994 Christy Murphy, Evanita Bickle, and Richard Bohls
1995 Sharon Thomas
1996 Ginny Bowers and Jimmie Holland
1997 Marjorie Kohler and Ann von der Heide
1998 Judy Gomez
1999 Pamela McBride
2000 Barbara Wallace
2001 Prudence Brett
2002 Larry Shepherd
2003 Ginny Bowers
2004 Bito Irie and Ann Lewiston
2005 Janet Gober
2006 Cindy G. Smith
2007 Sherri Warwick
2008 Donna Woodhead
2009 Paul Shover
2010 Jennifer Standlee
2011 Terri Earle
2012 Lanie Gordon
2013 Gail Paniuski and Chris Carter
2014 Bito Irie
2015 Kathy Priester
2016 Sara Ridenour
2017 Debi Barton
2018 Kermit Beird
2019 Flora Pinegar
2020 Jamie Thompson
2021 Ginger Dickens
2022 Nova Coates
2023 Cindy Bradfield
2024 Katy Gonzalez

Dean's Award for Staff Excellence

The Dean’s Award for Staff Excellence is presented to an engineering staff member who shows dedication to service and support of the College or his/her department, as well as the students we serve.

Year Recipient
2018 Pauline Mason
2019 Chris Wood
2020 Sherri Gotcher
2021 Cheryl Bailey
2022 Danette Stille
2023 Melissa Rose
2024 Michelle Wampler

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Dean's Technical Staff Award

The Dean’s Technical Staff Award recognizes outstanding performance and dedication to the College by a technical staff member.

2022 Bito Irie
2023 Mike Baker
2024 Skipper Harris and Todd Kelley

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Outstanding Student Leader Award

The Outstanding Student Leader Award annually recognizes an outstanding student leader in the College of Engineering. Winners are awarded a scholarship and selected based on leadership qualities such as reliability, dependability, initiative, and willingness to participate in a variety of activities.

Year Recipient
2005 Obiorah Oji
2006 Karina Solorio
2007 Kristina Blackwell
2008 Christopher Harrison
2009 Jamila Philips
2010 John Haroutunian
2011 Sarah Hussein
2012 Monica Hew
2013 Katia Gomez
2014 Yara Hussein
2016 Liberty Schmidt
2017 Abira Syed and Amber Zuehl
2018 Lorenzo Novoa and Nicholas Sopko
2019 Sheida Khademi and Maria Saavedra
2020 Diego Vester
2021 An Nguyen and Atul Shrotriya
2022 Sylvine Ineza