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The College of Engineering is committed to broadening participation in engineering as part of a campus-level strategic plan. UTA is a comprehensive research institution whose mission is the advancement of knowledge and the pursuit of excellence. The University promotes lifelong learning through academic and continuing education programs and the formation of good citizenship through its service learning programs. The diverse student body shares a wide range of cultural values and the University community fosters unity of purpose and cultivates mutual respect. Toward these goals, the College is committed to increasing the number and percentage of people who are under-represented in engineering among the students, faculty, and staff, to include people from all cultural and demographic backgrounds.

Demographics Initiatives

Dean Peter E. Crouch 

Dean's Statement on Broadening Participation in Engineering

We are proud of the especially diverse nature of our students, one of the distinguishing features of our College. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity for greater dialogue, understanding, and meaningful action to ensure that our classrooms, laboratories, learning spaces, and living spaces on and off campus are safe havens for all and provide welcoming, collegial environments. Anything else is unacceptable.

Unfortunately, the diversity of our student body is not matched by that of our faculty. Both the College and the University are committed to moving the composition of all three components of College faculty, staff and students to one that is a much closer approximation of the diversity of the community in which we live and work. It's clear we have a long way to go. Last year, the College earned a Bronze Award — the highest level of recognition — from the American Society for Engineering Education's Diversity Recognition Program. This recognition is a feather in our cap, but we are not resting on this award.

I am committed to continue my efforts to broaden the participation of all groups that are under-represented in engineering across College students, staff and faculty, and to harness University initiatives aimed at the same goal. Over my time in the College, I have garnered support from many individuals in these efforts and I count on your continued support. But now, I challenge each one of you to identify and recommend additional constructive and practical ways to help me and our College in this effort.

Thank you.
Peter Crouch, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Engineering

Goals, Objectives, Priorities

Over the next five years, COE will place particular emphasis on the following priority goals:

  • Improve the mix of undergraduate students with different backgrounds by focusing COE recruitment efforts across the United States in locations with higher populations of diverse K-12 students.
  • Maintain College Committee on Broadening Participation in Engineering, in coordination with the College leadership bodies, as a mechanism to spearhead the College’s initiatives in collaboration with the University efforts.
  • Increase graduate student diversity by continuing active recruiting and participation in programs devoted to attracting domestic students and students under-represented in engineering at the graduate level.
  • Increase faculty heterogeneity by actively recruiting through national searches and opportunity hires.
  • Enhance faculty and student retention of underrepresented minorities and women through mentoring programs and other supporting activities.

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College Committee on Broadening Participation in Engineering

  • Dereje Agonafer - Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Ishfaq Ahmad - Computer Science and Engineering
  • Abeer Almughrabi - Civil Engineering
  • Alan Bowling - Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • LaTausha Button - Electrical Engineering
  • Rashida Casey-Reynolds - Dean's Office, Engineering Student Services
  • Michael Cho - Bioengineering
  • Angela Clayborne - Dean's Office
  • Peter Crouch - Dean's Office & Electrical Engineering
  • Christoph Csallner - Computer Science and Engineering
  • Elizabeth Diaz - Computer Science and Engineering
  • Jack Henderson - Dean's Office, Engineering Student Services
  • Rosie Kallie - Industrial, Manufacturing, and Systems Engineering
  • Vistasp Karbhari Civil Eng & Mechanical and Aerospace Eng
  • Maria Konsta Gdoutos - Civil Engineering
  • Lin Larson - Dean's Office
  • Juhyun Lee - Bioengineering
  • Chengkai Li - Computer Science and Engineering
  • Qilian Liang - Electrical Engineering
  • Jun Liao - Bioengineering
  • Pauline Mason - Electrical Engineering
  • Stephen Mattingly - Civil Engineering
  • Mohammad Najafi - Civil Engineering
  • Stephen Rowe - Electrical Engineering
  • Melanie Sattler - Civil Engineering
  • Carter Tiernan - Dean's Office & Computer Science and Engineering
  • Cesar Torres - Computer Science and Engineering
  • Kendra Wallis - Electrical Engineering

Student Organizations

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