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Meet Nazeeha

When people ask me why I chose to take on an electrical engineering major, I tell them engineering is in my blood and UTA has been the place to reach that goal. That is no exaggeration. My grandfather was an orphan, and no one in his family had ever attended university, but he excelled in his studies and became a well-respected lead mechanical engineer. My mother was an electrical engineer at General Dynamics (Lockheed Martin). My brother, Nadim, followed in her footsteps when he entered the UTA electrical engineering program where he became known as a solid achiever who earned a leadership spot in Eta Kappa Nu, the international electrical engineering honor society. Engineering is a family tradition for us and UTA has helped me to continue that tradition.

UTA electrical engineering student Nazeeha Giotis

When people ask me how to succeed in an engineering program, I say set a goal and work hard to achieve it, work well with others as a team member, reach for help when you are unsure what to do, and most of all, have faith in yourself. Sometimes you have to reach higher than you think you can go.

I was the leader of the a Junior Design group last spring which produced a well-received pulse oximeter project with a group of awesome students. Now, I am President of the UTA Student Chapter of IEEE. UTA has provided resources and sponsored the student organizations that have supported my upward journey through the engineering program.

The EE program at UTA is NOT easy, but it is ABET-accredited and enriched with classes that introduce many different EE fields. The courses are challenging and taught by tough (but often encouraging) professors. However, there are many truly helpful resources, such as the IEEE-UTA Student Chapter, teaching assistants and fellow students. Additionally, UTA cares about its students succeeding out in the “real world.” Every fall and spring semester, the College of Engineering hosts a career fair for engineering majors and UTA hosts an All Majors Job Fair. These events give students a chance to speak with, give their résumés to, and earn interview opportunities (for internships and full-time jobs) from local, national, and international companies.

When I come to a tough task that I must accomplish at UTA, I look to good examples, break the task into steps, work hard to achieve it, consult others if needed, and have faith in myself. You can do the same at UTA. If you stick to a goal and work hard for it, you will achieve it.