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UTA Engineering Student Samantha Lauren Laboy

Meet Samantha

Engineering is an art form. It allows one to utilize and develop both the creative and analytical sides of the brain and see the world with a new perspective. The details involved in the development processes, from the drawing board to the countless prototypes/testing and extensive data collection, is what excites me the most. It gives me the opportunity to satisfy the curiosity I have about the world around me. I really like the people at UTA. Most everyone you meet is passionate about engineering and has amazing ideas on how to innovate society. In addition, UTA is so diverse in its students that you are also able to learn about new cultures and their traditions that you may not have known about. I would like to obtain my doctorate in biomedical engineering and go into research and development.

I would love to become a part of would-be research in biological prosthetics, neuroscience, cardiovascular studies, or drug delivery/pharmaceuticals. I do want to contribute in some way to neurological research, but I want to obtain all the knowledge I can – discoveries come during, and innovation comes after.