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UTA aerospace engineering student Braulio Mora

Meet Braulio

I chose UTA because it had the best opportunities out of any other university to study aerospace engineering. For starters, it offered me the most financial aid and scholarships – my whole tuition has been covered since I transferred. UTA is also close to my home and allows me to commute while still living with my family.

What really piqued my interest about UTA was their amazing program and the many partnerships the University has with aerospace companies such as Lockheed Martin. And of course, there’s the Aerodynamics Research Center, which has a hypersonic wind tunnel and develops cutting-edge technology for the private and military sectors.

Since I was little, my dad always encouraged my curiosity and interest in math and engineering. He is an architect who loves the work of Frank Lloyd Wright and Antoni Gaudi, and the beautiful complexity of their methods and philosophies. He raised me with a philosophy of working for my dreams, and not being afraid of the challenges that life presents us with. So, I took that personally and I found that engineering allows me to challenge myself and my skills every day.

For some time during high school, I considered doing robotics or something related. However, when I came to the US, I was presented with many different opportunities to choose from. I did my research about a lot of majors and aerospace engineering sparked my interest. I was hesitant at first and had some doubts, but I was curious and it presented a bigger challenge than I had ever been exposed to. That is what drove me, knowing that I can do anything I put my interest and effort into.

I am in the Fast-Track program to earn my Master’s degree, and after I graduate, I hope to get an internship at Lockheed Martin for the summer and hopefully get offered a job afterward.