Engineering Student Stories

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UTA Engineering Ambassador Zara Khan

Meet Zara

Engineering is very exciting for me because it helps me use science and innovative thinking to solve problems and work collaboratively with other people to create new designs for the benefit of future generations.

The best part about UTA’s College of Engineering is the limitless opportunities for students, regardless of the kind of engineering they’re doing. We’re not only taught in class through books, but are also given the chance to apply our knowledge in a real setting.

As an architectural engineering student, I’ve had studios in which I actually build small structural designs and get to use programs like AutoCAD and Revit that I learned to use in class. After graduation, I hope to work with an engineering or architecture firm that requires a group of engineers and architects to collaborate together and work on projects. I love working with other people on group projects because I get to learn so much from them.

I want to be able to promote sustainability through my structural designs. I believe that currently, we’re in a place where we really need to work on designing eco-friendly buildings for future generations. I can definitely see myself working on ideas that would address sustainability through the use of eco-friendly materials.