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Sonia Lopez

Meet Sonia

Engineering excites me because of all the innovative things it allows engineers to develop and create. It truly feels like the sky is the limit with the amount of knowledge and talent engineers possess. UTA is such a diverse community. It provides different perspectives in terms of academics due to so many different minds, and also exposes you to many cultures. What I like most about this college is that you feel support among classmates, the professors, and even the administration to do well and succeed.

My ideal job after graduation is working for a company that has a good culture and allows me to create software that will be put to good use.

UTA has allowed me to receive ample experience working on software projects that could be used in the real world that could have some sort of impact, so with my experience and knowledge, I would truly love to be a part of an innovative project as my ideal job after graduation. The first research project I ever saw on campus was about a robot analyzing a sick patient using artificial intelligence. It is an ongoing research project here, and it’s something I’ve always found beyond interesting. I would love to be a part of it because it would not only be innovative in the tech field but a breakthrough in the medical world.