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UTA electrical engineering student Amanda Losh

Meet Amanda

Engineering allows for the variety of theoretical knowledge obtained in math and science classes to be used in immediate, real-world applications. Even at home there’s always something to make, something to improve, whether it be converting the thirty-year-old toaster oven at the top of the pantry into a reflow oven or rigging up a device to spray the cat with water when it tries to eat the houseplants.

I grew up in Arlington, so UTA has always been a part of my life. In terms of cost-benefit for an electrical engineering degree, UTA was clearly the best option when making a decision about university, especially with the surrounding job market in the Metroplex. I was able to start my engineering classes early with dual credit opportunities in high school, which in turn let me hit the ground running with more difficult EE classes freshman year. My experiences in junior and senior design have better prepared me for various internships, with tasks ranging from signal integrity tests to subsystem integration to even microgrid operations.

Beyond academia, being a part of the UTA College of Engineering has given me leadership experience that adds even more meaning to my degree. I’ve been able to assist with organizing conferences, community service projects, and even helping other students as an undergraduate TA. After finishing the classes I have left as an undergraduate, I plan on coming right back for graduate school. Endless opportunities for learning, and endless opportunities to apply what I’ve learned. That’s what makes engineering so much fun for me.