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UTA electrical engineering student Binoy George

Meet Binoy

Ever since I was a kid, I had a strong inclination towards building new things. But it was when I was introduced to a microcontroller by a friend back in high school, that I became fascinated with electrical projects. Eventually, playing with microcontrollers like the Arduino helped guide my interests towards a more specific field: electrical engineering and robotics.

When I was looking for a university where I could pursue this newfound interest, I chose UTA. This was not only because of its strong Electrical Engineering Department, but also because of its distinguished reputation as an R1 research university. I saw UTA as the place where I could grow both as a student and as an electrical engineer.

I was certainly not disappointed when I came here – the Electrical Engineering Department fosters a community that is accepting of all and one that encourages students to grow and hone their engineering skills. What I most like about the College of Engineering is the opportunity it gives the students to work alongside talented and great researchers. My most significant experience here is being able to research with Dr. Yan Wan in the field of robotics. In addition to learning a lot from this experience, it has also helped me to recognize my passion in research, specifically in localization and mapping of robotic systems.

This is also what made me realize that I want to become a research professor in the engineering field. As a researcher, one of the topics I would like to work on is swarm robotics, a field that has an endless number of applications in today’s society, especially in those jobs which engineers call “dangerous, dull, and dirty.” However, this technology is still in its infancy. My dream is to contribute to its development by creating a novel or improved method of mapping and localization for these robotic systems.