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UTA computer engineering student Edwin Diaz

Meet Edwin

I chose to come to UT Arlington because it has a great Computer Engineering program and is a great value financially. Of the schools I applied to, few had great Computer Science programs, few had great Electrical Engineering programs, but even fewer were great at both. UTA checked the boxes I was looking for.

I like engineering because I can’t see a better way to live life. I believe that at the very core of what “engineering” is, is people who love puzzles and the challenge of solving problems. Nothing seems more pleasant to me than that! Additionally, I’ve always wanted to create things as opposed to managing something, and the idea of thinking of something that has never been thought of before excites me!

I chose to major in Computer Engineering because it contained parts of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. Electronics and electricity have exited me from a young age, but the idea of being able to create something directly from my mind through programming was intriguing too. In the end, I chose Computer Engineering to gain experience in both subjects but ended up loving Computer Engineering itself.

I would love to work in space robotics. My dream job is to work on the Mars Rover.