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UTA mechanical engineering student Thu Hoang

Meet Thu

I found out about UTA through a college fair at my community college. I was amazed at what UTA offered. It wasn’t just scholarships or student organizations or graduation rates – I was impressed by how much UTA cares about students’ success.

There are many resources and opportunities to learn about and immerse yourself in the engineering fields. No one should feel left out due to the diversity, especially international students. The staff and faculty are incredible. They are always there to help students learn through innovative research and studies. I knew this would be my next “home.” UTA has given me the confidence to pursue my dreams, and the College of Engineering provides tools and knowledge for my future career.

I usually get asked why I chose to be an engineer, and the answer is always the same: that is a passion in my heart. It was hidden until I started studying abroad. As a child, I could spend all day watching my dad work in his machine factory. He introduced me to engineering by teaching machine components and products he was creating. He never prevented me from touching or playing with his machines. I’ve never forgotten how he taught me to precisely sketch objects with observations. I love the feeling of looking at an object, sketching it, or thinking about how to improve it. I love building and creating stuff with my own hands and knowledge.

I want to contribute to the process of human existence. I want to see people living a comfortable and convenient life with innovations in technology. Moreover, as a girl growing up with a patriarchal norm in which women just need to succeed in their marriage because their actual job is living a life as a housewife, being a mechanical engineer is not only my dream, but also a chance to contribute my presence to break this stereotype.

After graduation, I would like to work in a company where I can design and develop new tools or equipment, or machinery components. I want to make an impact to improve our quality of life and to help solve global challenges.