Cyber Infrastructure

Hardware, Software and Information Security, Radar and Sensor Networks, Mesh Communications, Distributed Processing, HPC and Cloud and Edge Computing, Cyber-Physical Systems

Recent Highlights

Research Highlights

Business model would share sensor data

A pair of UTA computer scientists has created a sensing-as-a-service model, deployable as a business model, in which users could pay to gain access to data from existing sensors through sensing edge nodes—computers that act as end-user portals in computing clusters—with sensor owners voluntarily making the data available in exchange for a share of the subscription payments.

Transmitting data faster and safer online

A UTA electrical engineer is helping make the Web safer by increasing by tenfold both the amount of information that can be securely transmitted and the distance it can travel by encoding the information in spatial features or pixels of the photons and sending it through multimode fiber-optic lines, thus dramatically increasing the amount of received data without jeopardizing security.

Detecting malware in legacy systems

UTA researchers created a code-monitoring tool called RAI that can be installed on a company’s main server and individual computers to detect malware in legacy systems.

Data access control

A UTA computer scientist iis exploring how to restrict unauthorized access to databases without making programs too cumbersome for the intended user.

Creating a sensing environment without a supercomputer

A UTA electrical engineer is working to create a sensing environment that uses many simple, off-the-shelf devices to process data that currently requires the use of a supercomputer.

Fighting binary packing

A UTA researcher developed a highly effective way to detect malware that has been installed on Windows-based computers using a common obfuscation technique known as binary packing.

Developing an airborne network computer platform for UAVs

A UTA electrical engineering developing a networked airborne computing platform for multiple unmanned aerial systems that will enable the use of networked UAVs for civilian applications such as intelligent transportation, emergency response, infrastructure monitoring and agriculture.


Information Security Lab

One Dell PowerEdge T630 server, two Dell Precision 7920 tower servers, five Dell Precision Tower 3420/3430 workstations

Mobile Computing and Security Lab

2 Pupil Labs’ Eye-Tracker, 3 HTC Vives, 1 HTC VIVE Pro Tool Kit, 1 DJI Drone, 2 Shimmer Consensys Development Kit, 1 ARM Development board, 4 Apple Watches, 1 Siglent SDS-1104X-E Oscilloscope, 1 DSG836A Rigol Signal Generator, 2 Ettus USRP N210, 2 Google Pixels, 6 IoT Sensor Research Kits

Cloud Computing and Big Data Lab

The lab devises OS support for predictable exascale computing across a collection of commodity hosts equipped with FPGAs, accelerators and many-cores, connected by InfiniBand (IB) and custom networks. It has 22 Dell R630 two-socket PowerEdge compute server, 2 Dell R740 four-socket PowerEdge compute server, 6 EXXACT GPU servers with a total number of 20 GPUs, 2 Supermicro servers equipped with Intel Optane DC persistent memory.

Wireless and Sensor Systems Lab

1 pair mmWave transceiver (each TX/RX has 4RF chain with 128 configurable antennas), one Precision 7820 Tower, 6 Precision 3240 Tower, 1 Dell Inspiron 700 laptop, 1 Alienware m17 laptop, 1 HTC Vive Pro Tool Kit, 1 Tektronix Oscilloscope MSO44 4 BW-200, 1 Tektronix Function Generator AFG31152, 1 swarm of UAV (10 programmable tiny UAVs), 1 STORM 4 UAV, 1 Power Monitoring System, 1 USRP N210, 2 USRP B210, 1 compact PCB fabrication machine

Dynamical Networks and Control Lab

1 Segway robot, 4 turtlebot robot, 1 Jackal robot, 1 Pepper robot, 2 Nao robot, 20 LEGO Robots, 10 Tarot 650, 6 DJI hexa-rotors, 3 DJI quad-rotors, 2 AR drones, and 2 fixed-wing unmanned aircraft, Digital Oscilloscope TDS-6124C (Tektronix), Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Milling Machine ProtoMat S63 (LPKF), 3D printer, BGA Chip Welding Machine, Solder/Rework Stations, Agilent 33220A 20 MHz Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Agilent 34401A 6½ Digital Multimeter, Agilent E3630A DC Power Supply.

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