In an excess of caution, the College of Engineering at UTA will not host Engineering Summer Programs for 2022. We anticipate re-starting our summer engineering offerings in the summer of 2023 assuming the situation is safe and healthy to do so. Thank you for your interest in our programs!

Field Trips/Tours

Our Engineering Ambassadors are happy to lead your group in fun activities and a tour of our facilities to help your students understand what engineers do, and the career opportunities available to them.

If you are interested in arranging a field trip for your middle school or high school class to visit the College of Engineering, please read our guidelines below and complete the request form, and we will email you to coordinate the details of your group's campus visit.

Tour Guidelines 

  • Two weeks' notice is strongly preferred for tours. We may not be able to accommodate requests made with less than two weeks notice.
  • In general, tours will take no longer than one and one-half hours.
  • Standard tours begin at 10 a.m. Other times of day will be considered by request. Those outside normal business hours will be considered on individual basis.
  • Each tour will include an introduction to the University and to the College of Engineering.
  • Special-interest tours will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 
  • Tour groups are limited to 40 people.

Engineering Saturdays

During the school year, the College hosts Engineering Saturdays for students aged pre-K through high school. These free activities combine engineering presentations with hands-on activities.

Summer Programs 

The College of Engineering hosts several summer camps for students from grade 4 through newly graduated high school students. The camps are designed to be fun and educational experiences with a broad exposure to a variety of engineering disciplines, plus related topics in chemistry, physics, and/or math. Field trips to see engineering at work at area businesses and team projects supplement the classroom activities and hands-on experiences.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the College is unable to host summer programs this year. We look forward to resuming our Girlgineering, Entry to Engineering and TexPREP programs in 2023.


Entry to Engineering

A team of engineering professors and graduate and undergraduate students from all of UTA’s engineering departments present material from all of UTA’s engineering disciplines – aerospace, biomedical, civil, computer science, electrical, industrial, materials science, and mechanical.

There are also special presentations by professors in related fields and instruction on technical writing and presentations.

Cost to attend this 5-day camp: $350.00 (Scholarships are available.) Dates: Not yet scheduled

Summer Camp Teacher Interest Form - for teachers interested in helping

Teacher Evaluation Form 


This one-week day camp will introduce middle school young women to the field of engineering by showing how engineering is connected to personal issues, social concerns, and community interests.

By conveying engineering concepts in a more personal, social and community-oriented context and introducing them to middle school girls, we will show how engineers connect, communicate, and improve the world. Campers will experience faculty presentations and lectures, lab tours, field trips, hands-on activities.

Cost to attend this 5-day camp: $350.00 (Scholarships are available.) Dates: Not yet scheduled

Summer Camp Teacher Interest Form - for teachers interested in helping

Teacher Evaluation Form

Texas Pre-Freshman Engineering Program

PREP is a mathematics-based, academic enrichment program. It emphasizes the development of abstract reasoning and problem solving skills. PREP helps students prepare for careers in the fields of mathematics, science, technology, and engineering.

TexPREP was created to strengthen the potential of students for careers in STEM fields. Women and members of underrepresented groups continue to serve as special target groups for PREP in building a high-quality and diverse 21st century workforce. Founded in 1979 by Dr. Manuel P. Berriozabal from UT San Antonio, PREP is supported by state funds and private contributions. 

The program includes course work, team projects, class presentations, examinations, career awareness speakers, field trips and special events. The TexPREP program is held over a six week period in the summer. The complete PREP program is presented over the course of four summers in which the students reapply each year. Beginning in 2018, UTA offers all four years of TexPrep, that is, Year 1, 2, 3, and 4. Students who are new to the program may apply for Year 1. Those who successfully complete Year 1, are invited to apply to Year 2, and so forth. 

ASM International Materials Science Camp

This one-day camp is designed for middle and high school students and exposes them to the world of Materials Science and Engineering. Activities include:

  • Technological Labs
  • Materials Science Experiments
  • Scientific Academic Enrichment
  • Nano-Fabrication Lab Tour
  • UTA Racing Formula SAE Tour
  • Planetarium Show
  • Materials Characterization Methods
  • Project Based Activities with Hands-On Learning Experience

The camp provides an opportunity for students to learn:

  • properties of materials including metals, ceramics, polymer and semiconductors;
  • how materials break (and show off their knowledge in a competitive egg drop);
  • how a solar cell works;
  • how nanoparticles of magnetic materials are made and characterized;
  • what it means to be superconductive;
  • what it means to be truly frictionless;

Camp Flyer

Activities include a visit to the Formula SAE racing team, a show at the UTA Planetarium, and tons of hands-on activities.