RFID and Auto Identification (RAID) Laboratories

RAID Labs was established at UTA in 2011 and performs research on projects in the areas of healthcare and factory lines, to name a few. RAID Labs is made up of two high-class facilities: the RFID Lab and the Auto ID Lab. Some other focus areas are:

  • Supply chain logistics/supply chain (warehouse location) analysis for city government.
  • Engineering management productivity tool that measures the productivity of engineers and knowledge workers based on behavioral characteristics.
  • RFID in the mechanical contracting industry/asset tracking development


  • Erick C. Jones, Ph.D., Director
  • Felicia Jefferson, Ph.D., Visiting Scientist
  • Md. Mamun Habib, Ph.D., Visiting Scientist
  • John Priest, Ph.D. 

Current Graduate Students

  • Juan Marcos Castillo (Ph.D.)
  • Samuel Okate (Ph.D.)
  • Soma Sekar Balasubramanian (Ph.D.)
  • Joses Jenish Smart (M.S.)
  • Julian George (M.S.)
  • Aditya Mhatre (M.S.)
  • Pranesh Ram Devaraj (M.S.)
  • Shashank Bharadwaj Bommireddipalli (M.S.)
  • Dileep Kumar Pigoti (M.S.)
  • Rutumbara Gaddime (M.S.)
  • Vivek Chappar (M.S.)


  • Billy Gray (Tarleton State University)


  • National Science Foundation
  • NASA
  • U.S. Department of Transportation
  • Texas Department of Transportation



The healthcare research cell within the RFID laboratory contains Smart hospital beds, mannequins, and custom-built multi-frequency (433MHz, 915 MHz, and 2.4 GHz) RFID Smart Shelves for researching the applications of automatic identification technologies in the healthcare sector.

  • Military grade Fixed and Mobile Active RFID Systems (Lockheed Martin -Savi technologies, RF Code)
  • Industry grade high speed automated conveyor (Hytrol conveyor)
  • Industry recognized RFID edgeware, ERP and WMS systems, (Global Concepts)
  • Walmart/DOD mandated standard fixed and mobile passive RFID systems (Alien Technologies, Matrics)
  • Hospital tracking location systems (Ubisense Ultra Wide Band Real Time Location System)
  • Building modifications - automated locks and MavID

The Auto ID Deployment Lab is used for testing of various industry operations using barcodes, 2D-barcodes, etching, maxi-code, NFC devices, and visual cameras. In addition, the AUTO ID lab houses large Auto ID panels, industry recognized RFID edgeware, ERP and WMS systems (Global Concepts), and is used to research building modifications such as automated locks tied to student ID cards (MavID).

Selected Publications

  • 1. (PI) "IRES Mexico: RFID in Mexico" NSF OISE (Monterrey Tech, Querétaro partner), 06/01/2010-05/31/2013 To create IRES Program at Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Monterrey, Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Querétaro and The University of Texas Arlington (UTA). The specific outcomes are to enhance students' research skills and facilitate cross-cultural research opportunities in internationally emerging engineering fields; increase students' comfort level when working with people from different cultures; increase students' awareness of cultural differences; become familiar with the Spanish language and increase student abilities in research methods and problem-solving skills that will make them competitive in an international research environment.