Friday, May 28, 2021

Opening the way for other college students, in 2013 Lindsey Anderson (History BA with minors in Disability Studies and African-American Studies, now working as an access-centered, neurodivergent-informed therapist and disability justice advocate), Thomas Hayden Foster (History BA with Humanities Minor), and Leslie Rice Ford (University Studies BA) became the first ever undergraduates to present at the international Society for Disability Studies conference. Their papers were:

  • “Uranium Mining and Nuclear Radiation: Poisoning of the Navajo People, 1940-2012” (Lindsey Anderson)
  • “Creating ‘Giants’: People of Tall Stature and Spatial Accommodation, 1922-2006” (Thomas Hayden Foster)
  • “Reproductively Disabled: An Examination of Infertility as a Disability, 1990-2008” (Leslie Rice Ford)
society for disability studies group photo