Graduate Studies


We offer two graduate programs in English, the MA and the PhD, both of which provide a comprehensive education in the field of English Studies. With particular strengths in multicultural American literatures; rhetoric, composition, and technical and professional writing; and critical theory, our award-winning faculty work closely with students to design a program of work that fits their particular scholarly interests and career goals.


While many of our students are enrolled full time in graduate work, our program also accommodates working professionals, offering the option of part-time enrollment and the flexibility of both day and evening classes.

Our close-knit department fosters a vibrant community of learning. An active graduate student association, EGSA, sponsors events throughout the year, including writing groups, get togethers, and information-sharing panels on milestones and challenges like comprehensive exams and the academic job search. A yearly highlight is the annual graduate student conference that EGSA organizes every spring.

Students in our program have multiple opportunities for professional development, particularly for current or future teachers. We offer multiple graduate courses that prepare students to teach composition and literature. Advanced MA students may become MA-GTAs (Graduate Teaching Assistants) after the completion of 18 credit hours on the graduate level. PhD students may be supported by Graduate Teaching Assistantships with guaranteed funding for up to five years, teaching in the First Year Writing program or teaching literature classes. Both MA and PhD students may work as consultants in the Writing Center, and advanced doctoral students may have additional opportunities such as serving as Assistant Directors in the Writing Center or the First-Year Writing Program. 

Our graduates are employed in tenure-stream positions at liberal arts colleges and research universities; full-time and tenure-stream positions in community colleges and area secondary schools, both public and private; administration in secondary and higher education; publishing; and technical writing, among other career paths. Our MA students wishing to pursue the PhD have been very successful in their application process, many of them receiving excellent offers from premier PhD programs across the nation, while some of our MA students pursue advanced graduate study in our own nationally-ranked doctoral program.


Graduate Teaching Assistantships

Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTAs) are the primary source of support for graduate study in our Department. Contingent upon available funding, secondary forms of support for graduate students in English may include dissertation fellowships and travel awards.
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