Graduate Teaching Assistantships



Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTAs) are the primary source of support for graduate study in our Department. We offer GTA positions for advanced MA students and for PhD students, but may not be able to fund all students.

  • MA students may be considered for GTA positions after they have completed 18 hours of graduate coursework in our program.  
  • They must have taken and passed, or be concurrently enrolled in ENGL 5389: Topics in Teaching Composition and ENGL 5359: Argumentation Theory. 
  • They must be making satisfactory progress towards completion of their degrees in order to become or continue to be GTAs. 
  • They may not hold outside employment while serving as a GTA. 
Doctoral GTAs

The most common type of GTA is the Dean’s Doctoral Assistantship (DDA), which is awarded on a competitive basis to newly admitted PhD students. The DDA provides a generous stipend and is renewable for up to five years so long as satisfactory progress is made toward the PhD degree. 

To be offered a GTA position, a student must be admitted unconditionally into our PhD program and be among the top ranked applicants for the program, based on the review of application materials by the Graduate Admissions Committee. 

GTAs need to have an MA or a minimum of 18 graduate credit hours in English. In addition, GTAs must enroll in the composition pedagogy courses ENGL 5389: Topics in Teaching Composition (during their first year) and ENGL 5359: Argumentation Theory (during their second year). All new GTAs must attend an orientation held in August, shortly before the start of the classes. 

GTAs typically teach two courses and take three courses each long semester; occasionally, summer teaching opportunities are available, but summer support is not guaranteed. Initially, GTAs teach first-year writing courses; however, after passing their PhD comprehensive exams, GTAs may have opportunities to teach sophomore-level literature and/or technical writing courses, based upon their coursework and other qualifications and upon departmental needs. They may also, as needed, work as consultants in or as assistant directors of the Writing Center or the First-Year Writing Program. 

A benefits package, including health insurance, is provided. Optional vision and dental insurance are available for a fee. GTAs pay in-state tuition, which is among the lowest in the nation. See the UTA Office of Graduate Studies Website for information about tuition and fees. 

To receive full consideration for an assistantship, applications should be received by March 15th. Applications are accepted and reviewed as they are received, with offers made to qualified candidates until all assistantships are filled. 

Note: GTAs in English are restricted to MA and PhD students in our Department. Students in other academic programs at UTA should pursue funding through their own departments. 


Contingent upon available funding, secondary forms of support for graduate students in English may include dissertation fellowships and travel awards.