beatrice wright

Wright Scholarship

The Disability Studies Minor is delighted to announce that we are now offering a twice-annual Professor Beatrice Ann Wright Disability Studies Scholarship competition!

The $25,000 endowment for these scholarships was donated by Art + Art History Professor Dr. Beth Wright and her late husband, Dr. Woodring "Woody" Wright to support Disability Studies minors as they complete their internships. The gift was made in honor of Dr. Beth Wright's mother-in-law, Professor Beatrice Ann Wright (pictured right): a pioneering psychologist who helped to develop the social model of disability and who advocated for the full inclusion of disabled veterans and civilians in the mainstream workforce after World War II.

Deadlines: April 15 and November 15, yearly

Amount: $250-$500 during your DS internship semester

Where to turn in

Please email all scholarship documents to Dr. Sarah Rose at and Mikila Salazar at