Faculty & Staff Directory


Keith Burgess-Jackson, Ph.D. University of Arizona (1989)

Associate Professor and Pre-law Philosophy Advisor

Keith Burgess-Jackson

Research Interests: Ethics, Philosophy of Law, Social and Political Philosophy, Bio-Medical Ethics, and Philosophy of Religion.

Miriam Byrd, Ph.D. University of Georgia (2001)

Associate Professor

Miriam Byrd

Research Interests: Ancient Philosophy, Plato

Steven Gellman, M.D. The University of Texas Medical Center in Houston (1979), M.F.A The Academy of Art University (2017)

Senior Lecturer Medical Humanities

M.D., M.F.A.

steven gellman

Currently Teaching: Medical Humanities, Issues in American Healthcare thru Film, Clinical Medicine and the Human Experience, The Art of Diagnosing Disease in Humans, Independent Study in Medical Humanities

Daniel Giberman, Ph.D. Stanford University (2010)

Associate Professor

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Research Interests: Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language.

Charles Hermes, Ph.D. Florida State University (2006)

Undergraduate Advisor and Lecturer

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Research Interests: Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind and Action, Philosophy of Science.

Shaun House, Ph.D. University of North Texas (2013)


shaun house

Research Interests: Philosophy of Martial Arts, Virtue Ethics, Business Ethics, Eastern Religious Philosophy, Race Criticism (Critical Race Theory), Distributive Justice, and Philosophy of Law

Charles Nussbaum, Ph.D. Emory University (1988)


Charles Nussbaum

Research Interests: Philosophy of Mind, Philosophical Psychology, Philosophy of Music, Philosophy of Literature

Sally Parker-Ryan, Ph.D. University of Sydney, Australia (2006)


Sally Parker Ryan

Research Interests: Metaphilosophy, Ordinary Language Philosophy, Early Analytic Philosophy, Philosophy of Language, Wittgenstein

Eli Shupe, Ph.D. Rutgers University (2020)

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

eli shupe

Research Interests: Biomedical Ethics, Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Mind, Animal Cognition

Kenneth Williford, Ph.D. University of Iowa (2003)

Associate Professor and Chair

Kenneth Williford

Research Interests: Philosophy of Mind, Logic, Phenomenology, Cognitive Science, History of Modern Philosophy.


Charles Chiasson, Ph.D. Yale (1974)

Associate Professor and Director of Classical Studies

No Photo Available

Research Interests: Archaic and Classical Greek Literature, Poetry, and Prose.


Patricia Mann

Office Administrator