Internal Communications

We manage UTA's campus communications strategy to keep students, faculty, and staff informed of campus updates and resources.

Guidelines and Best Practices

Explore our guidelines and best practices to optimize and enhance your use of MME’s internal communications tools.

MavWire and Trailblazer emails

Email Newsletters

MavWire and TrailBlazer are UTA's official e-newsletters for employees and students, respectively.

Connecting Our Community

Internal Communications manages and supports a number of established communication channels to keep the Maverick community informed and engaged.


UTA faculty and staff, and community members are updated on the latest University news and resources with the MavWire e-newsletter.

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Students find the latest news—from academic deadlines to campus events and entertainment options—in TrailBlazer, our student e-newsletter.

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Message from the President

A Message from the President is a periodic email from the President on issues of interest and importance to the campus community.

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MavAlert is a notification system of breaking news for emergencies affecting the public safety and security of the University community.

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What we do

  1. Maintain strategic, thoughtful internal engagement to fortify the relationships between UTA and its people
  2. Keep UTA employees and students connected with the resources and knowledge needed to succeed
  3. Counsel and support campus units on the strategies for optimal distribution of key information and resources

Contact Internal Communications

Linsey Nazir
Director of Internal Communications and Strategy

Ellie Mahan
Communications Specialist