State of Texas waivers may allow qualifying students to waive the out-of-state tuition rate to the in-state tuition rate. State of Texas exemptions allow qualifying students to be exempt from paying some or all tuition and fees. Applications for waivers/exemptions should be turned in prior to the payment due date for the session/term. To view all tuition waivers & exemptions, you can find the link at the bottom of the page.


Please note: Any portion not covered by the waiver or exemption is the student's responsibility to pay by the appropriate session due dates. A student may only use one waiver/exemption at a time unless otherwise required by law. 

A student must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) at UT Arlington to remain academically eligible to register for the subsequent term or session. The SAP GPA standards required to maintain waiver eligibility are listed below and can be found here. The minimum average required is shown in the Table of Academic Standards:

Table of Academic Standards -
Effective Summer 2015
Total Terms Completed at UTA
Minimum Cumulative GPA
Undergraduate - 2 Terms 1.8
Undergraduate - 3 Terms 1.9
Undergraduate - 4 Terms or More 2.0
Graduate - All Terms 3.0

Section 54.2001 Continued Receipt of Exemptions and Waivers has been added to the Texas Education Code and requires The University of Texas at Arlington to comply with the new legislation. Additionally, hours considered excessive under Texas Education Code, Section 54.014 Tuition for Repeated or Excessive Hours, may not be eligible to receive the exemption or waiver.
UTA reserves the right to reduce or cancel the amount of institutional/state grant funds offered to students who receive specific federal, state, or institutional tuition waivers or other benefits that are designated to cover tuition and fees.
Students who feel that mitigating circumstances may have prevented them from complying with GPA or Excessive Hours policies may file an appeal by completing Waiver Appeal (Form 2-67) and submitting it to Student Accounts.