Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? Here you can check our frequently asked questions for more info.
There are many factors that go into calculating your exact tuition amount. Tuition can vary based on the number of credit hours in which you are enrolled. As a result, it can vary from person to person. In addition, fees can vary for a variety of reasons, including the number of credit hours you are enrolled in, the types of classes you are registered for, whether you pay for a parking pass, etc. For additional information on the current tuition and fee rates, please visit our Tuition and Affordability webpage.
There is a great tool that you can use to help estimate the cost of tuition and fees involved in attending the university – just visit the Tuition Estimator webpage to begin. To get an estimate of your out of pocket costs, you can subtract the amount of your financial aid award (except for work-study) from the estimated costs.

There can be many reasons why you owe UTA. Some common reasons include:

  1. Dropping and adding courses after your bill has already been paid.
  2. Not having enough financial aid to cover your full bill.
  3. Your financial aid has not yet been applied to your bill.

To see a list of the charges that still have a balance due, log in to MyMav to review your due charges.


If you have experienced extraordinary events during a semester that caused you to be academically unsuccessful during that semester, you may be eligible for a one-time tuition refund appeal. Please know that there may be significant academic and financial consequences that may result when a tuition refund appeal is granted, including impact to your financial aid. To get more information and the instructions on how to file, please visit the Tuition and Fee Refund Appeals page.
Financial aid will typically disburse 10 days before your first class starts in any given semester.
If you already completed the FAFSA and accepted all of the federal direct loans offered to you, check out some Alternative Loan Options on the Financial Aid website.

Make sure to explore all your non-loan options first before borrowing more money. Don't hesitate to contact the UTA Financial Aid Office if you have any questions.
You can access and print your account statements from your MyMav Homepage. Once you log in, select “Accounts” and then “Print Account Statement.”
If classes have already begun, students must see an academic advisor after the late registration period has ended. Students may need to get their professor's signature before the drop can be submitted. Your advisor will let you know the steps to follow. If it is prior to the late registration period ending, please follow the steps below:

Step 1. Log in to your MyMav account.
Step 2. Enter your "Net ID" and "Password" and click "Sign In."
Step 3. Click on the "Manage Classes" icon located on the UTA Student Homepage.
Step 4. Choose the "Drop Classes" icon found on the left-hand panel on the Manage Classes page.
Step 5. Select the class/classes you want to drop.
Step 7. Click “Drop selected classes.”
Step 8. On the next screen, select “Finish Dropping.”
Tuition will not be due during orientation. Typically, a bill will be generated separately based on your class registration. You will be notified of your bill and the deadline well in advance of when it is due.
The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects student information from being released to anyone but the student. If you want us to release your account information to your parent or guardian, you will need to complete the Student Release of Information Form in your FERPA and Parents webpage.

University of Texas at Arlington Student Money Management takes pride in assisting our students with their financial needs by providing a website full of resources, one-on-one counseling sessions, seminars, and presentations to help students with financial awareness. Stop by, give us a call at 817-272-2353, or visit our Student Money Management Center website for more information! We are located at:

University Administration Building, Room 130A
701 S. Nedderman Dr.
Arlington, TX 76019

Our Office Hours

We are happy to help you with questions about your account or how to pay it. You can find us at:

University Administration Building
1st floor, Room 130
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Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  • We're here to help. Schedule an appointment to discuss your account regarding third-party payments, collections, and everything in between. We offer appointments in person and online via Microsoft Teams.