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Student Employment

UTA continues to closely monitor the COVID-19 outbreak. Please visit the Student Employee Continuity Procedure During the Covid-19 Emergency page for current information for any updated student employment procedures during this time.  


UTA is excited to announce the transition of posting on-campus employment from SNAPJob to Handshake. This change and transition to the new platform will enhance the posting and candidate search experience for faculty and staff while supporting our student community in seamlessly finding and securing on-campus employment. The transition to posting positions on the Handshake platform will continue to support our Student Success Goals, the MavAdvantage program, and ensure our students quickly and efficiently connect with opportunities that will truly make a difference in their career journey.

Attend a Workshop

In addition to the online resources available, we will be hosting a series of training sessions for those who plan on posting student worker positions in Handshake. At these workshops we will show you how to set up your account, post a position, select a candidate, and close the search. All training sessions will take place in the UTA Lockheed Martin Career Development Center which is located in the University Center. New dates will be announced as future trainings are scheduled.


To assist you in transitioning to Handshake, we have created a variety of resources meant to help guide you through the Handshake process. All of these resources can be found on this page

Handshake Information

What will transition to the Lockheed Martin Career Development Center?

Our office is here to assist you with the below items:

  1. Setting up your department on the Handshake platform.
  2. Posting open work-study and non work-study student worker positions.
  3. Selecting interview questions you can ask students.
  4. Selection and rejection letter templates for student candidates.
  5. Closing your search through the Handshake platform.

We can be contacted at or by calling 817-272-2932.

What role will the Office of Human Resources still have in student employment?

  1. Your HR Business Partner will remain the same.
  2. Every offer is still contingent upon a successful background check.
  3. You still need to fill out an E-form for new hires.
  4. Work-study eligibility forms still need to be sent to Human Resources.
  5. All new hires must still attend a HR paperwork session within their first three days of employment.
  6. Everyone has to complete their compliance training within 30 days of employment.

Human Resources can be contacted at or by calling 817-272-5554.


Why are we transitioning?

Many students at UTA are already familiar with the Handshake platform as it is currently used to post employer full-time, part-time and internship opportunities. The system is also currently used to provide students information about career development events, such as job fairs and workshops. There are currently over 20,000 students and alumni and 14,000+ employers using Handshake.

If you are not familiar with the Handshake platform, it is a career center platform for on-campus and off-campus job and internship postings. The UTA Lockheed Martin Career Development Center launched the platform in Fall 2017 in order to provide an excellent customer experience for all our employers in posting off-campus jobs and internships. 

What are the benefits for my department?

By transitioning to Handshake for on-campus employment we hope to help you:

  • Create a quick filter for you to sort work study or non-work study applications.
  • Have a one-stop shop for all employment opportunities for students, including on-campus, off-campus, internships, full-time, part-time, and hourly positions.
  • Increase your number of applicants through an easy-to-use system.
  • Decrease the time necessary to post and sort through applicants.
  • Improve your ability to reach out and connect with students.
  • Increase the ease of sorting through student resumes and applications.
  • Update and manage all account and postings through an online platform accessible through your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.


What are the benefits for students?

Handshake currently provides the following functionality to support our students’ job search needs:

  • Single sign on through computers and tablets.
  • An easy-to-use app for students to search and apply for jobs through their smartphone.
  • Nationwide student and alumni access to job postings in one location from top employers.
  • Ability for students and alumni to filter their job and internship search by certain criteria.
  • Profile portfolio for students to enable them to seamlessly create a personalized experience. Students can share job interests, hobbies, presentations, pictures, class portfolios, skill summaries, written or video resumes, etc. into one location (the student can choose to share or not share with employers and other students).

The transition to Handshake for on-campus postings will bring much of this integrated functionality to the on-campus posting experience.