Student Employment High Impact Practice

Developed to ensure student employees are seen as valuable professionals whose contributions are integral to the efficient operation of UTA’s campus with a focus on quality, equity, development and sustained student engagement.

High Impact Practice

Explore our high-impact practice areas—Attraction & Marketing, Recruitment & Selection, Onboarding, Development, Rewards & Recognition, Performance Management, and Exit & Transition—developed to ensure student employees are seen as valuable professionals whose contributions are integral to the efficient operation of UTA’s campus with a focus on quality, equity, development and sustained student engagement.

Handshake is a career network and job database used to connect with UTA students and alumni. Supervisors can utilize Handshake to promote student positions and attract top tier student talent from all majors and classifications.

Handshake serves as the posting site for all part-time and full-time positions, along with internships and UTA student employment opportunities. If you are not familiar with Handshake please review our Handshake Supervisor Training

Department's selection process involves resume screening and interviews based on the application's submitted on Handshake. This ensures you hire students who not only meet the job requirements, but also align with your department's values and culture. Once candidates have been narrowed down, your department can set up an interview to further discuss the job duties and further get to know the applicants. 

If your department is unsure on what to ask during an interview, please review our pre-approved interview questions

Need an interview space? Request an interview room in the Career Development Center.



Here you will discover a range of tools and resources designed to support the effectiveness of your department's onboarding procedures. Engage with the student on day one and schedule ongoing meetings, to ensure that they are set up for success. This will allow your student employees to integrate seamlessly into their roles and the workplace. 

The Career Development Center and Student Affairs offers resources to support supervisors in implementing experiential learning activities, helping teams choose relevant activities and execute them effectively.

To explore and create impactful learning experiences for students, review our Supervisor Workforce Skills Guide.

To show appreciation for your student employees, there are several ways you can acknowledge their contributions and motivate them to do their best for the university:

  • Encourage your student to attend our yearly Student Employee Appreciation Event - Each year, UTA recognizes outstanding student employees, and awards students as an Undergraduate Student Employee of the Year and Graduate Student Employee of the Year each winner will receive a scholarship award. In order to receive this award, student supervisor's will have the opportunity to nominate their student employee. Stay tuned for more information about this event will be released in the Spring semesters. 
  • Send a card - Virtual or snail mail - This is one of the easiest ways to celebrate your student! A hand written note can mean the world to your student and virtual one's will deliver. Create an individual one or a group card for your office to sign. You can use this free website to send virtual cards to your student. 
  • Post on social media boasting of the terrific work your student employee has done - Share your student worker's accomplishments on social media! Tag us on social media using @hireamav with the hashtag #studentemployee!
  • Have their favorite food delivered to them - Not only can this help a small business, but you can treat your student worker to a meal delivered right to them!
  • Have your staff take pictures with signs saying thank you - Make a video or card using your staff! Take a picture or video holding a sign that shows your appreciation for your student employees. If you would like to use our "We Love Our Student Employees," frame please contact us at
  • Use your screens - Post a thank you message on TV screens or monitors in lobbies or shared spaces, using images of student employees who work throughout the university to celebrate them further. 
  • Spotlights posted on all Social Media platforms - Recognize your Student employee by submitting a Student Employee Spotlight Form. 

When students graduate or leave their positions, we encourage departments to conduct exit interviews to gather feedback and provide guidance for students transitioning out of the role. This valuable information helps us refine our programs and maintain strong alumni relationships.

To assist with this process, review our Exit Interview template.